What breed is my pet shop cat?

By Louis

So I bought this kitten for my girlfriend. His name is “Milky”. I didn’t think much of it during the time, all I knew in my Cro-Magnon man brain was, GF liked the cat, i buy cat. Simple.

The store I bought it from was this tiny pet cat shop that only sold blue cats. I thought that was peculiar. The store had photos of the father being this champion cat of sorts and the mother I didn’t see.

I also didn’t inquire what kind of breed he was since I thought it was just a British Blue. After a while, now I’m wondering what kind of cat he is since he is actually coming out to be a really pretty cat to my surprise.

Milk is eating Merricks dry cat food, Friskies’ wet beef food, bottled spring water, and Sashimi (mackerel fish, sea bass) as once in a blue moon treats.


Hi Louis,

Thanks for visiting and asking. You don’t tell us what you paid for your kitten. Purebred cats are $500+ and I assume you are in the USA. Pet shop cats are random bred cats normally (non-purebred) and cost much less.

However, you say the father is possibly a champion cat. If that is true the best guess is that your cat is a blue British Shorthair as you say.

If you could leave a comment about price and a picture that would help but in the meantime I will presume that Milky is probably not a breed of cat but a moggie. It does not matter. All cats are equal. All are as good as each other. It is best not to buy from a pet shop because the breeders who supply pet shops are often not good and are not concerned with cat welfare.

I could be wrong.

You can email me a picture on

mjbmeister [at] gmail.com

or use the upload form you used the first time.


1 thought on “What breed is my pet shop cat?”

  1. Sounds like the breeder gave the less perfect kittens to the pet shop. Not quite the same as a mill but still a place for ‘overflow’ – who knows.

    One thing I do think is that this little kitten got lucky to have nice humans who feed him well and care to give him treats – they love him. This is the most important thing.

    Perhaps he is large part BSH.


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