What is “World Cat Day”?

World Cat Day was yesterday. It is also called International Cat Day. It was created in 2002 we are told by “the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and other animal rights groups”.

I have struggled to discover the signifance of World Cat Day. A search on the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) website came up with nothing despite that fact that they founded the event.

All the other sites that I have visited have published the same or similar words, which don’t tell me the purpose of World Cat Day.

I am none the wiser.

There is a video called “World Cat Day” but that doesn’t tell me much or anything about it either. It just says “lets celebrate cats” in the blurb below the video.

Perhaps it is just a day when we should treat our cats better. It would be nice if someone, somewhere stated that. Anyway, just saying, “lets celebrate cats” does not mean people will celebrate cats more than usual.

I have a feeling that the only people who benefited from World Cat Day were the online newspapers as it gave them the chance to write a brief article about it…well not about it because there is nothing to say about it. They just copied the other article or put some cat pictures on the internet.

Wasn’t there a World Tiger Day, recently? I wonder how many tigers benefited from that event.

Sorry to be a bit gloomy about this mysterious event.

6 thoughts on “What is “World Cat Day”?”

  1. I think it’s good and has a proper point. It’s simple. Cats don’t get the same consideration as dogs for example. They also dont walk around with people in public places. They are also considered, often, lower class citizens than dogs. People who don’t care for animals are aware of dogs but not really of cats.

    I think Cat Day is great purely as a reason to draw attention to cats. To let people who don’t think about animals know that cats are loved and celebrated even though they don’t see them because cats stay at home unlike dogs. It puts cats out there in the minds of people. It’s a nice excuse to celebrate them too. World cat day might also be a vessel to draw attention to cats in shelters. It’s a day for cats in whatever way you want I suppose but that doesn’t make it worth anything less. It’s just more open and free. I kind of like it actually. There is also a “Hug Your Cat Day” which is great too. The more of these the better. The more it becomes public that cats are around and they are loved the better I think. Dogs get alot more standing in the subconcious of the average human who is not into animals. For example a neighbour would never trap and take your dog to the pound because it barks or poops in your driveway or pees on your car. A cat should have the same importance. There are clearly logistical differences to that argumant but I still think that a dog is considered more than a cat. Cats need their day. It puts balance.

    • I think that World Cat Day could have had a bit more publicity and some sort of theme to give it an image. I only found out about it because I was looking for something to write about 😉 You had to search for it. Still, anything that raises the importance of cat welfare can’t be bad.

  2. lol I had no idea what it meant either but I shared it in the hopes someone else would know……and no one did.
    But I’ll be in anything at all to celebrate cats, whatever it’s for 😉

  3. Bizarre.First came to know about “CAT DAY” on “Facebook” and was perplexed.No one mentions the reason as we don’t have a “DOG DAY”, another of humans most popular pets.Why “CATS”?


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