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What is a cat’s tail for? — 3 Comments

  1. The cheetah uses its tail as a rudder when it’s running at top speed. I think that lions only use their tails for swatting flies. 🙂

    My aunt — the cat lady — had a clowder of large grey Manx. They seemed to be more or less down cats (floor cats). I wonder if that had something to do with their stubby tails. They still used those stubby thinks to express emotions.

    I think that domestic cats can survive with out their tails, but think about how they control their body temperature. They expose their stomachs to let out heat and the curl up on their sides and use the tail as needed to block or let in heat/cool is my observation. I could be wrong. I see pix of cats laying flat on nice and cool tile to help cool themselves off.
    Anyway… back on the subject.

    Wouldn’t the tail, if it was not needed, simply disappear over time? Is that why we have our bobtails, our manx, etc.? I think of the bobtail cats we have here in the Sonora desert. They are able to climb trees and rocky mountain sides. I don’t think they are runners as much as their Northern cousins the Lynx. More pouncers. Perhaps it is a geographical thing. Interested to see others thoughts.

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