What is the breed of my cat?

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’ve had this cat for about 2 years now and been wondering what type of breed he may be. I’ve done many searches that haven’t gotten anywhere.

I discovered this website while doing one of my searches for ‘list of cat breeds with images’. I’d really appreciate if someone could help me figure out the breed of my cat, Loki. Thank you!! 🙂 Here is a picture of him.

Tabby and white cat

Tabby and white cat


Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting and asking. Also, thanks for getting the image upload right! A lot of people don’t do it right or at all.

OK. Loki is not a cat that belongs to a cat breed. Sorry for that. But don’t be upset. He is a very handsome short haired, tabby and white cat. This is a very popular coat type and you see this sort of coat on Maine Coon cats because it is a very natural and effective coat.

You can see that he is a tabby cat by the markings on the fur and particularly on the forehead. He has an absolutely classic tabby “M” on his forehead.

I can’t tell what sort of tabby cat he is other than it is tabby and white. There are three types (a) striped or mackerel (b) classic or blotched tabby and (c) spotted.

He has stripes on the legs but that does not necessarily tell me he has stripes on the body. Sometimes spots merge to stripes.

He does have stripes on the head. I would guess that he is a mackerel tabby and white random bred, short haired cat. If you can leave a comment and tell me which one he is that would be nice.

Only one photo was uploaded so I can’t see the rest of him.


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  1. Loki is beautiful and he has a great name. Loki was the god of mischeif – I just can’t remember in which mythology.

  2. Hi Rachel. It depends to great extent on where you got your cat from and what country. If it is a random-bred cat of N America than the chances are it is genetically an American short-hair which are descended from British and European short-haired cats. Cat fancy breeds have been made from these cats which are not necessarily any purer than the street cats. If he is from the streets of some Turkish city then the chances are he is at least part Turkish Angora despite his colours and short coat. Being a cat fancy pedigree cat does not mean all that much because the supposed pure-bred breeds are a mash-up. Just enjoy your lovely cat and friend.

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