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What is wrong with a raw cat food diet? — 4 Comments

  1. Red used to like raw beef. It was meat I was about to cook for myself and he loved it so I would give him as much as he wanted. Apparently a well managed raw diet makes their fur more healthy and full than you ever thought possible and it’s very noticeable. I know quite a number of raw food feeders who work very hard to supply a raw diet safely and it’s apparently remarkable how good the effect it has is. But these people are pro’s – most of them foster parents and people dedicated to cats during all of every day so they have the time and know how and system in place which I think is really the best a cat can get. They offer the occasional dry treats and only if a cat becomes ill and doesn’t want to eat do they offer ‘junk food’ – i.e.: regular big brand carcinogenic preservative filled but probably very tasty to the cats – food. I find that with wet commercial food you basically can’t avoid meat bi-products unless you know some special source for getting good quality wet foods. The average person like myself with a job and not the time to be incredibly accurate with raw food can’t afford to feed it regularly. If I buy meat for humans at the supermarket and have just opened it then I think it’s great if they will eat some, I would encourage it. Full time raw diet feeders know what to add to supplement the raw meat in order to create a balanced diet. One person I know in particular knows as much as is humanly possible and has years of experience with it. What she does is really ideal in my opinion but she is a pro. A full time foster carer etc etc. She works with cats every day. For the rest of us it’s not ideal but better to play safe.

  2. Feeding a cat raw food is a lot different to them catching and eating their warm blooded prey raw,reading all the againsts I would never attempt to feed mine that way.

  3. Last time were at our vets we discussed our Jozef’s sensitive tummy and asked if a raw food diet was better for cats. Kathryn, the vet we now trust, who doesn’t push unnecessary tests or the sale of the foods the practice sells, was against it because of all the reasons you have given Michael and also that our cats at 11 years of age probably wouldn’t enjoy it, might even refuse to eat it.
    She recommended for Jozef, James Wellbeloved hypoallergenic biscuits to supplement his wet food diet, both he and Walter love the turkey and rice senior flavour we can buy at Pets at Home and Jozef has had no tummy troubles since.
    Unfortunately James Wellbeloved isn’t available in the USA, I recently asked them on behalf of a friend over there.

    • Your response to Jozef’s tummy problem sounds very sensible and it worked. It is a matter balancing pros and cons and also finding a practical solution. You found one. Well done.

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