What kind of cat do I have?

We rescued our kitten a few weeks ago from a local animal shelter and we were told she was a tabby by the shelter (I know tabby really isn’t a breed). When taking her to the vet he thought she could be Bengal mixed, Savannah mixed, Egyptian Mau, or Ocicat.

She follows me around the house, she plays in water, she sits for treats or food, she loves to play, jumps very high, and acts wild!! We love her to death no matter what kind of cat she is we are just very curious if anyone has ideas! I should also mention that at first she had mostly strips but they are all turning into spots.

Hi, thanks for visiting and asking. Of course this is guesswork. But…the level of activity and dog-like behavior, plus liking water and being athletic indicates Bengal mix.

Why Bengal? Savannahs, Maus and particularly the Ocicat are relatively rare compared to the Bengal so it more likely you have a Bengal mix.

Bengals are tabby cats. They like water (so do Savannahs) and love high vantage points and are active and athletic.

The likelihood is a Bengal mix. I have no picture but she may be a purebred. People do abandon purebred cats and the Bengal is more wild than the average domestic cat (that is the reason for the breed’s existence).

Some people find the Bengal behavior too much to cope with or it does not meet their expectations (they have incorrect expectations).

Of course most rescue cats are moggies so she may be a random bred cat.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting. You can upload pictures using the input form so if you have one please upload it and I’ll add it to this post.


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    • Hi Debbie, Max is a fine looking cat. He is a medium-longhaired diluted ticked tabby random bred cat. There are faint tabby markings. He carries the dilution gene in my opinion which gives him this blue coat (blue/grey). You can see the modified M mark of a tabby cat on his forehead. He is not a cat breed but lovely nonetheless. Thanks for asking.

    • Hi Danica, your very attractive cat is not part of a cat breed but a random bred, black and white cat. That is not say your cat is less good than a purebred cat. Random bred cats are better in many ways and generally live longer lives although purebred cats are sometimes better socialised (more domesticated). Thanks for showing us your lovely cat.

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