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What would the haters do if there were no cats to hate? — 6 Comments

  1. We had cat haters move right next door at our old home and this is why we moved in a great hurry leaving our home we owned to rent this house here.
    If we hadn’t got away I would have been serving a life sentence for murder, no kidding, the hatred I felt for those people made me dangerous because if one of our cats had been hurt by them I’d have turned into a savage.
    But I had it in perspective, I hated them, no one else.
    When we’d gone they continued to terrorise and bully other neighbours, so it seems cat haters just turn their hatred to others if there are no cats to pick on. Even a woman they were very pally with had a huge argument after we left which proves to me that cat haters are unreasonable unhinged people full of hatred which spills out on anyone they can find.

    • I couldn’t agree more Ruth I feel exactly the same as you I feel a sort of anger welling up inside me and I know that if anyone hurt one of my cats I would probably start hitting them and not want to stop 🙁 You see in my book there is no reason to hurt an animal; any animal. I hate spiders but I won’t kill one I’ll trap them under a glass and put them out.

      • Me too. If someone hurt my cat I don’t think I would be able to control myself. I’d probably end up in jail which is a bit scary. I hope no one hurts my cat.

  2. I’ve not met any true cat haters which Im happy about frankly because if I did I really would not be responsible for my actions. I think if there were no cats the cat haters would just move onto another easy target. People who enjoy inflicting pain on animals are damn scary and should be watched closely.

    • Me too – I’d be in danger if I came accross a cat hater through lack of control over my own actions.

      The other day a group of people were having a conversation, I was part of it, one person was talking about somebody they knew and dropped the fact that the person was a hunter of sorts. I blurted out uncontrollably “That’s disgusting, hunting I mean” – suprisingly everybody just kind of stopped and then seemed to agree or accept it. I think alot of people who would agree just don’t bother thinking about it. It’s important to interupt and say what you think about such things.

      Michael – sorryI was busy for a whole week now and didn’t see this article with my comment in it, I’m back now though 🙂

      • Nice to have you back. Never worry about being away. We know you’ll come back 😉 And I understand the work pressures.

        I am sure a lot of people hate me for loving cats and animals. There is a cultural divide between people who care about animals and those who want to use animals or don’t think about it.

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