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When Does Cat Rescue Become Cat Hoarding? — 3 Comments

  1. Look for a no kill shelter and ask for help. Call Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Number (435) 644-2001. They will at the very least advise you and lead you to the next step. Good luck. It is a worthy cause.

  2. I have concerns about a local non-profit rescue in my area. There are over 600 cats living in what I call a prison. I believe the owner is a hoarder, at heart. Fleas, diarrhea, removal of eyes- due to fighting, URI’s, FIV and FIP cats stuck in a small, rarely cleaned, un-vented space -that is over heated from the heat of a freezer’s motor. The owner thinks that “no kill” means kill nothing…example 10 month old cat hit by car back leg removed, other leg useless, can not use litter box. No one is giving him therapy, washing his body-his back-end is scalded from urine and feces, no one is going to adopt him and he has 10yrs plus of that life, this is not humane. another 3 month old kitten with sphencter issues and feces clumps on his anus for days causing it to be raw and painful. Both of these animals are sweet and beautiful but they do not deserve to live for years like this with no one taking good care of them, I think not, they should be given a good death. No kill to me means that mass numbers of healthy, adoptable animals are saved and provided an adequate quality of life and those who can not be provided that are humanly euthanized per case by case. I want animals to be saved and to find a loving home but, this place has crossed the line into a horrible prison…no fresh air, no sunshine, no affection, daily exposure to Clorox fumes, wet floors, damp, wood chunks – from a tree removal service as liter, kittens with ringworm and no scheduled treatments, dead cats daily from neglect, anemia from fleas, feral’s that should have been neutered, their ears tipped and put back in their colonies. This place has its heart in the right place but their priorities wrong. The owner, in my opinion, has gotten in over his head with no end in sight. He is not a professional and is conducting this shelter as such. Yes, the animals get food and shelter but, the lack of quality of life is overwhelming. I need help to resolve this issue…what do you do? I’m scared to call “PETA” will they come in and kill every animal? I do not know but some one needs to come in and make this man hit the marks of proper, humane care of these animals. The Hugh things that can easily fall through the cracks as unimportant is happening here…Example, change of diet-when old food is running out and a new type of food is going to be used, the new food should be integrated into the last of the old food over a 3 or 4 day period and the diarrhea would be less or none-a small step to stop a large problem. If you try to enlighten the owner of these type of things he does nothing but what he has been doing. Tapeworms do not get treated, flea control is not an issue to him. His love of animals only extends into saving their lives and not to the quality of their lives-he is missing the mark by a long, long shot. Please help me help him but mostly to help these cats. This rescue is in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina in Georgetown County

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