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When Your Cat Turns Feral — 9 Comments

  1. 99% of all cats that do not return or cannot be found can be found within 3 blocks of the original home. Now happily acting as fertilizer for someone’s rose bushes or shrubs. Love it or lose it! Simple as that.

    • Sounds horrible but sounds true. If you are right and 99% of cats that leave home die within three blocks of their original home it means that everyone who has lost their cat should be knocking on doors and checking yards near their home.

        • And no matter how many times you hear that “if you let your cats roam free, they WILL BE DESTROYED” and yet you can’t figure it out. LOL

            • When you grow the courage required to leave up the last answer to your questions, maybe then someone will stop shooting your cats.

              Note from Michael (Admin) to Woodsman. Be careful what you say. I have published this comment of yours but keep it polite and well argued. No rants.

  2. One of my childhood cats turned feral. We failed to neuter him so that was our fault. He came from the farm, so he was pretty wild to begin with. And then there’s the problem with my parents’ house. It’s not like stuff flew through the air by itself every day, but it did happen on occasion. Our cats would sit staring at something I could not see, their fur puffed up as if they feared a threat. I didn’t like that. I’m glad Monty doesn’t do that. I think the cat who left didn’t like the evil whatever it is that’s there and left. As I’d lay awake at night feeling like I was being watched, feeling a sense of malice bearing down on me all night long coupled with a sense of wakefulness, as if the house itself never slept– I would have liked to leave too. I’m surprised our other cats stayed, but maybe it was because they loved us. Maybe they even stayed to protect us. They weren’t going to leave us even if hell itself stood against us, and it is my belief that it did and still does. They probably wondered why the stupid humans didn’t flee the really bad thing, but if that’s where the stupid humans were staying then they would stay there too. Except the one who wasn’t neutered, because for him the call to mate was stronger than his bonds with us. I just hope that nothing bad happened to him. Judging by the feral cat colonies around there, he lived long enough to father kittens. Sometimes he’d come home wounded from fighting other cats. Proof that you just have to neuter male cats. Most cats will literally stay with you through hell or high water, but for an unaltered male the call to mate and fight will likely be stronger than his loyalty to you. This has been my experience, anyway.
    As I lay in bed typing this on my phone, Monty just jumped up and sniffed my eyeball.

  3. The story about Tiger is truly heartbreaking. I would not have had him euthanised either, especially in the time when he had finally come to me for help and safety. Its a little cold to betray his trust like that. It’s a sad story. Your poor mother when she lost him and poor Tiger after he returned.

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