White Tiger in Water Picture

This is a fabulous picture of a white tiger at feeding time in Singapore Zoo. The picture is by Sergey Bidun and the copyright belongs to him. The image should be protected by copyright but it is all over the internet Pinterest. I find it astonishing that such a fantastic photograph can be forced into the public domain by website’s like Pinterest. Anyway, here it is:

White tiger in water

White tiger in water

I have modified the embed code. That is a notification to Pinterest. If Pinterest ignore copyright I feel free to ignore their rules because they don’t seem to abide by rules. They have abdicated their right to live by the rules relating to image usage on in the internet. Also if I don’t use these images from time to time (rarely actually), PoC is at a disadvantage. You can see how when one site misbehaves it encourages others to do likewise.

This photo must have been taken with strobe (flash) light to freeze motion. There must have been a fair bet of setting up with respect to this picture as if in a studio to get this quality. It is artificial looking.

The white tiger looks fabulous. Tigers love water. They are excellent swimmers too. Yet, everything is not well in the world of white tigers. All of them in the world come from one founder who is Mohan a male cub whose mother was killed in India. There is not a lot of genetic diversity, which results in health problems for these big cats. The zoos don’t really mention that stuff as it is bad for business. PoC does mention it because although we love cat pictures we love the truth more.

The white tiger is just a tiger with a different colored coat due to a genetic mutation. It is not a subspecies of tiger. There are none in the wild. They were all shot years ago. They are just bred in captivity for the amusement of zoo customers.

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White Tiger in Water Picture — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Michael, the white tigers name was “SULTAN” and i think he is the same tiger shown in this photograph as he has the habit of leaping out of the water when being fed.I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time,the feeding time of tiger “Sultan”:

    Jaws of Sultan – White Tiger in Singapore Zoo. — By Rudolph.A.furtado (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  2. Michael. bizarrely i have photographed a similar shot of the white tiger at the Singapore zoo in 2007.The same photo is on wikepedia commons, the site where most of my travel photos have been deposited as i don’t monetarily benifit from the photos.

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