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Who is Good in the Cat World? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes Dorothy, you are right, Kays Hill Sanctuary deserve a mention, as do YOU for your kind donation from thousands of miles away for them. The new much needed cattery was a real struggle to achieve but thanks to you and others who sent them money, it’s now habitable.
    Like our local Cats Protection, they are overflowing right now with cats and kittens but neither charity ever kills a healthy cat.
    We hear a lot about the abuse of cats so it’s heartwarming to have a page like this to come to and celebrate the people who care about all cats worldwide.
    Thank you Michael.

  2. We could add Alley Cat Allies to the list for the work they do on behalf of feral cats. I suppose they could be considered a large organization. They are educators as well as cat advocates. TNR works to keep feral cat colonies small, and they are dedicated to teaching that fact.

    Let’s not forget Kays Hill sanctuary!

    The unknown heros are many. The neighborhood caregivers and rescuers.


  3. You’ve forgotten someone Michael!
    But of course you can’t nominate yourself can you lol
    I think PoC does a wonderful job of educating people about cats, especially about the cruelty of declawing, as I know for a fact your site has saved many cats claws.
    Also by giving donations to cat charities you help many needy cats too.
    Another nomination, my own sister Barbara who after work spends a lot of her free time on the welfare of cats and the education of people and who collects cat food, bedding, etc at her place of work to help local cat charities. I’m also still very proud of the fact that she converted her £200 Santa Compo prize into cat food to ensure homeless cats had a Christmas dinner.
    Lastly Bret Glas of CatAWhack who does a lot for the anti declaw cause by making special furniture for cats and is another one who tries to educate people about cats needs.
    But as you say, I’m sure there are many more and I personally love everyone who tries to make this world a better place for cats in any way at all……

    • Barbara is a great candidate. I just had to limit the list which is hard to do because you leave someone out who should be in. But yes Barbara definitely deserves to be in the list.

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