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Why is it hard to slim an overweight cat? — 4 Comments

  1. I agree with not knowing what an overweight cat looks like. I just thought of one of my cats as a big kitty, until I could hear the neighbors kids calling him fatso.

    • I think one of the problems is that the fur hides the shape of a cat so we don’t really bother. We can’t see the body clearly. Also some cats are stocky and some are slender. I think you have to check the rib cage too. There should be a thin layer of fat over them but you should be able to feel them.

  2. With indoor cats its so important to play with them so they get exercise. There is also the question of what kind of food you are feeding them. But to go back to what I always go on about, play, I think that it really is the all round key to health and behavioural problems. What we call behavioural problems is just a reaction to an improper lifestyle with the right elements of exercise and physical motivation.

    A cat gets overweight by force of bad habit and all habits are hard to break. Plus you can’t slim a cat down too quickly either. I think the key thing is education. Many people don’t even know that alot of the food on the shelves in the supermarket is not even all that well designed for cats and is full of carbohydrate and grains which they cant break down so easily. They get fat from having a constant bowl full od biscuits basically. For an indoor cat its going to be hard to get them used to the change – especially if you dont replace the ‘lack’ of food with something else like activity. An indoor cat doesn’t have much in life other that his or her human – especially single cat household cats. Having an animal should require knwing a fair bit about them and how to remain sensitive to their needs. Play is important for indoor cats to be happy and healthy and not depressed and fat. But if you aren’t going to play, just removing the food is going to be pretty harsh because the poor cat has nothing else to live for anyway in some cases. And yes it is going to take forever for the cat to slim down.

    So to answer the question of the article with another question: Is it hard to play with your cat everyday a bit? Is it hard to release the food in mealsize amounts rather than tossing down a bowl full? If so then its easy to get your cats weight down – but it will take time and patience too. Worth it without a doubt!

    • Agreed. I sense what you are saying supports my conclusion, namely that it takes a bit of effort, thought and commitment to look after a cat properly including her diet and play arrangements.

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