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Wild Cat Hoarding — 4 Comments

  1. Yes the human race needs to stop breeding so freely especially those who breed and expect others to pay for their kids and provide them with homes at the expense of more animals habitat.
    I also hate to see wild cats caged,we have no right to do that.

  2. How I despise people who own and cage wild cats!
    They just have to have what they want and give no thought to the cats frustration and despair and longing for their natural life.
    Yes it’s time a law was passed to stop people owning wild cats as pets.

    • I have exactly the same feelings. It is a failing of the human race to abuse wild cats and other wild animals like this. We should get rid of all cages. The whole lot. And we should give some space back to the wild cat species and if that means stopping breeding (I are referring to humans) so be it.

    • I despise them too. I so wish the person who did this a horrible life locked up in jail. He deserves far worse if you consider the dead cats nearby. I can’t believe it. And what do they even get out of it – not even living there. Probab;y barely keeping them alive and then abandoning them. That person deserves the worst of the worst. Those poor cats. Just seeing them there in those cages makes me want to cry. That poor bobcat in the first picture. I can’t imagine how unhealthy they must be. What do they do all day and night just sitting in cages probably starving. Watching their friends/other cats die in front of them and be tossed onto a pile right in front of them. This must break their spirits. They aren’t wild anymore they are probably completely depressed zombies and I hate the person who did this so much I wish they would drop dead.

      WHY is it that people who have these animals are also the kind of people who would be cruel to them. I am not saying it is ok to ‘have’ such an animal but why anyway is it that those people who do have them can’t at least be the ones who look after them well…. it’s a bit rhetorical because I guess somebody who cares about them wouldn’t have them in the first place.

      I can’t bear looking at the photos of the lion and the bobcat. Just standing there helpless. Can you imagine how they feel… it fills me with so much sadness, anger and hate. What do they do in winter, or in summer when its very hot. These animals surely suffered horribly. There is no chance if one got sick anything was done about it. It’s shocking.

      I really hope the guy’s name is released to the public and that he get nailed by the law but I don’t hold up too much hope for the law in the US and it depends on the state anyway. In Switzerland you’d be all over the front page of the papers and you’d be finished for doing something like this.

      We should get rid of this person forever in a cell with barely enough to keep him alive so he suffers the same way – outside actually, in a cage.

      Those poor cats. I hope they can come back to life in their new homes.

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