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Wild Cat Hybrid Facts For Kids — 9 Comments

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  2. ‘Kids like wild cat hybrids. It is like having a wild cat as a friend’

    PLEASE any kids reading this, if you love cats, get your parents to adopt one from a Rescue Shelter and save his or her life.
    Breeding half wild cats to sell as special is wrong when there are so many loveable ordinary sized cats who need a loving home.

  3. Still not happy. Motzie has never been measured by Guinness Book of World Records. Calling him the World’s Largest Cat is not at all true. His owner bandies that around and has no proof what so ever that he is fact is the World’s Largest Cat. That is absolutely not true. She just states it in interviews with no proof ever shown to anyone. She started saying that right after Trouble passed away. That absolutely needs to be corrected. I actually have a F2 Savannah who is just a little smaller than Trouble and bigger than Motzie. Debby Maraspini, who owned Trouble is actually a co-owner of my F2 Savannah. I will not have him measured for Guinness unless this Motzie thing is put to rest. If it continues my and Debby’s F2 Samurai Warrior will be measured for the Guinness Record.

    Also, please change the “we don’t know what killed him”. You do know, Debby Maraspini his owner has told you and sent a photo of him and her. He escaped from the house and was hit by a motorist who did not stop.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. The Guinness Book of World Records considers Trouble owned by Debby Maraspini still the World’s Tallest Cat. The other two cat’s mentioned have never gone through the process to hold a World’s Record, thus they cannot be termed as “World’s” anything. I am sure they are very wonderful cats however, but they need to go through the process Trouble did to hold a “World’s” title.

    Also, $ 30,000 is way out of line for an F1 Savannah in this day and age, maybe when they first came on the scene, but not now.

    Trouble is a Legend in the cat world and still is, he was amazing with the best personality and is sadly missed by many, many people.

    • Thanks for your input. Yes, Trouble is a famous cat and deserves all the acclaim. Magic was declared the world’s tallest cat as I recall. I remember the whole process. It was official. Magic is still alive. Perhaps I should have been clearer and said that the all time world’s tallest domestic cat is Trouble but the current living world’s tallest is Magic.

      Sorry if that was a little unclear. I’ll amend it.

  5. Savannah Islands Trouble IS still the World’s Tallest cat ever. He was unfortunately hit by a car and killed when he escaped the house. He is dearly missed every single day.

    • Yes, he was a star cat. He is the world’s tallest domestic cat ever. It is a great shame he was killed. It must have been very hard on everyone. Good picture and thanks for sharing.

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