Wild Forestfruit Maine Coon Cattery

Introduction from Michael — Susanne is hobby breeder of Maine Coon cats in Holland. She briefly writes about the Maine Coon cat and her cattery.

Something about Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats have semi-longhaired coats in the winter and they have a summer coat which is a little thinner. During the winter a thick collar grows around the neck of the cat. Then the cat must be brushed more often than during the summer. At least once a week for a kitten. This is when you bond with your cat!

Wild Forestfruit Maine Coon Cattery

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Maine Coon cats are the biggest cats we know here in Europe. They are big, tender cats and sometimes therefore named ‘Gentle Giants’. Maine Coon Cats are calm, optimistic and will not often and with for no reason use their nails.

I am Susanne and I have a small Maine Coon hobby cattery in Holland called: Wild Forestfruit Maine Coon Cattery. Breeding Maine Coon cats is my great passion and hobby. I breed in several colors like high white and blue. On my site there are a lot of pictures of my cats, you can click on all of them. Please feel free to take a look one day and if you have any questions, please do ask!


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1 thought on “Wild Forestfruit Maine Coon Cattery”

  1. Thanks Susanne. One day I would like an orange tabby Maine Coon but I would like to move to the countryside first. I am in Switzerland so not so far away from you actually. I will have a look at your site 🙂

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