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Women Like Men Who Like Cats. Discuss — 15 Comments

  1. Ha! Am I setting myself up here, somehow? It is worthwhile though, don’t you think so? Please respond, PoC potential members.

  2. Here is the link from lovemeow.com:

    Please note, as I just discovered this, they donate for every comment made. This is something that I was actually thinking about for PoC, but was too shy to mention it… What do you think? is this doable? I was thinking that we, as the individuals who comment, and given our pending membership(?) could donate for each comment left, after a certain number. (Maybe, one comment per page?) Just a thought…

    • Hi Caroline. I did notice that. I sort of like the idea. It is doable. My idea was that “members” of PoC could nominate a charity and PoC would pay a monthly direct debit to the charity say about $3 per month in perpetuity or as long as the PoC was running. That is my current idea. The difficulty with my idea is electing the members. Who is to be a member? That will cause problems 😉

      So I tend to prefer the Love Meow idea of 5 cents per comment with say $10 for an article, something like that. I would like to reward the regulars and the 5 cents per comment does seem to do that because they make more comments.

  3. Officer Boyes is a nice looking young lad, not fanciable to me but I have a lot of respect for him because he isn’t so obsessed with being a macho man that he feels unable to show his soft side, that makes him more of a man in my opinion. I agree that cat loving women find cat loving men desirable, one of the things I loved about my late husband John was his absolute love of all things feline. When we met I had a special cat, Felix, who was very important to me and used to being number one man in my life, John realised this and made sure Felix never felt jealous or left out and didn’t lose his status as number one man at all, we were all heartbroken when Felix died, including his Uncle John. He also worshipped his own special little cat, Popsy and in some ways it was a good thing he died before she did because it would have broken his heart to lose her. I can’t understand why some men think it makes them look tough to say they dislike cats, in simple terms they are fools. Michael you are a real man, you’re not afraid to admit you love cats because you know that doing so in no way diminishes your masculinity.

  4. Just look at the way that lovely man is holding the little kitten and in my opinion kindness and caring are far more important than sexy.
    I’d rather have the ugliest unsexiest man friend in the world than any handsome one who wasn’t kind to cats.

    • Well, did Michael interpret your comment to mean that you do not find Officer Boyer particularly handsome? I don’t know, but I do know this…

      That man is as sexy and handsome a man as my own mate. He has no problem whatsoever letting his affection for that kitten shine through! That is as sexy as it gets. [my humble opinion] 😉

      • Clarification: any man who exhibits this behavior is truly handsome, beautiful and sexy in my eyes and heart. I can’t see them any other way. It makes me feel tingly all over when I see this trait in men. (Not that I would ever be tempted to leave my man’s side. It just gives me such a good feeling to see it in other men–makes me want to nurture them; if that comes across as somewhat taboo know that I don’t mean it that way at all! 🙂

          • Yes. That was understood. Which is why I was reiterating that. But, I think that we could take it much further than “the general point?” Maybe? I very simply, was using my “maternal instincts” to accentuate that general idea. 😉

  5. I can’t say as the man with the kitten in the picture is sexy to me, but maybe he is to younger women.
    What appeals to me is that he is obviously a kind, gentle and caring man who doesn’t think it unmanly to care about animals.

    • Both you and Rose have a different slant on this, which is great. I like that.

      I hope there are a few more comments from women so see what the general trend is on this subject.

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