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World’s Cuddliest Cat? — 8 Comments

    • Truly beautiful. The coat is superbly dense and it looks like it is designed for a cold climate. Yet, people say the Ragdoll is a good full-time indoor cat.

      • We have a sweet, gentle tortie-pt Himalayan who live two doors south. (She is the one whose owners wouldn’t answer the door when I wanted to simply ask if I could give her a flea/tick dose between her shoulder blades. And I let you know that they had taken the initiative from me the autumn before.)

        She sleeps on two cars, incl. our Toyota. She looks up at me when I open the door, inviting her in for some healthy food, but then, always declines.

        She is the sweetest little thing, reminds me so much of my Kita, my buddha kitty. I imagine that Ragdolls are pretty much the same.

        • Shoot, Michael. I did not say what I was about here. This little gem of a cat, sleeps out on the cars at night, sidewalk right next door during the day. (I feed her goat’s milk out on the front stoop. She doesn’t want canned or dry food.) She is so much like my Kita. –I get a bit sentimental, which is natural.

          • That is correct, Michael. I try to look after her everyday. Just as I do the other neglected cats in the neighborhood. (I’ve even tried to adopt a couple of them, with permission. But, no luck.)

            She’s a sweetheart. I do look after her.

  1. So…
    Norwegian Forest Cats – 6yrs to adulthood.
    Maine Coons – 5yrs to adulthood.
    Ragdolls – 4yrs to adutlhood.

    I see a trend here? 🙂

    Jumbo is a beautiful example of the breed. I agree, he has a regal look about him. He would surely fit right in with the Royal Family. 🙂

    • Yes, nice point Dan. They are all the same cat! 🙂 They possibly are, genetically. I don’t know but I know that there is a lack of clarity surrounding the history of cat breeds and also selective breeding seems to muddy things.

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