World’s Tallest Moggie?

Is Judas the world’s tallest moggie? A moggie is a random bred cat or non-purebred cat. I think he might be and he is British. Guinness World Records do a “tallest pet cat” category. I don’t think they do smallest or biggest because it encourages cat owners of large cats to overfeed them, make them fat and then try and claim the title. Also breeding for very small size is not good for a cat welfare and health. Guinness don’t want to be seen to be encouraging bad animal welfare practices.

OK, so why might Judas be the world’s tallest (and perhaps largest) random bred domestic cat? Well, I do know the records because I have several posts on PoC on this subject. The picture below pretty much sums it up:

World's Tallest Moggie?
World’s Tallest Moggie? Credits: Magic by Kathrin Stucki. Motzie copyright Helmi Flick.
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For quite a while Magic was the official world’s tallest pet cat. Magic is an F1 Savannah cat. She lives in California. Trouble took over the title but was sadly killed in a car accident. A tragic thing to happen. Trouble was a male Savannah cat. I think he was also a first filial from the wild cat serval (“F1”). The title therefore reverted to Magic on my reckoning.

Then we have the famous Motzie. Motzie is an F2 (second generation from the wild) Savannah cat. He is also a therapy cat. I think he still lives in Oklahoma. He could have been the world’s tallest at one time but was pipped to the post by Magic.

Now, Motizie is 16+ inches to the shoulder as I understand it.  I don’t have the exact measurement. However, the key point is that he is shorter than Judas, who is probably Britain’s biggest and tallest domestic cat and a moggie.

The fact that Judas is a moggie makes him extra special in my opinion. This is because F1 Savannah cats have fathers who are servals. Servals are medium sized wild cats. Judas has no such advantage. He is a standard random bred cat. It is just a genetic anomaly that he has turned out so large.

You can see from the picture that he towers over a standard sized domestic cat. So where does he live? He was taken in by an animal charity called Happy Endings in Faversham, England because he was given up by his owner to a vet to be euthanised as I understand it. He was and is perfectly fit. He weighs 20 pounds.

As you can see he is a black and white bicolor cat. Actually, strictly speaking he is a white and black cat as there is more white.

Bearing in mind he is just 0.1 inches less tall to the shoulder than Magic, it is almost certain that he is the world’s tallest moggie or random bred cat and he is British. It is about time the nation won a record in the cat world.

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13 thoughts on “World’s Tallest Moggie?”

  1. Our cat Burger (a moggie) is fairly tall. One of our dogs is 15″ at the withers, and Burger is taller than him. He also weighs 20 pounds.

  2. Deborah-Ann Milette

    Here is a tape of Motzie being measured by a certified veterinarian we had to get. ( ) We did it at a fund raiser cat show. This is the second time Motzie tries for the record, it was stolen by Magic’s new owners for strictly publicity and they find out again you can bet they will pay to have Guinness to come out and re-do the measurement all over again to use as strictly publicity for their cat shop (aka pet store for Savannahs) where I do have info they have been shut down by health dept for many sick kittens/cats one is an example: 1)ring-worm. I also have pleaded with Guinness that F-1 Savannahs are only registered as well as servals with TICA because of lineage tracing ONLY, F-2’s on are allowed in the show hall as exhibition/show cats. That is a fair allow-ability to measure cats. F-2’s follow an almost normal cat size. Motzie was the tallest triplet in his litter I learned.

  3. Judas is quite a large cat, males are usually much bigger than females. Early 1980’s we adopted an orange kitty (random bred cat)she was very territorial & would fight any cat that came into our property, August ’93 I noticed she had a plum size lump on her neck, took her to vet & it was an absess from fighting, vet kept referring to Snuggles as “he”, after surgery was over I told Dr Perkins that Snuggles was a spayed female not a “he”
    he was so surprised mainly because our girl was a very large cat (16 lbs).She passed away @ 19 yrs old, peacefully. Very loving but a large female cat.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

    1. I agree the other cat looks very small but is probably normal size. Judas has a slightly strange face – a large muzzle. I wonder if that is significant. Is he suffering from some sort of genetic disorder I wonder? I doubt it but…

    1. Magic is alive still. Trouble sadly died on the road, which surprises me greatly bearing in mind he was a famous and very valuable cat. Someone got careless. I guess it can happen to anyone.

  4. The last Guiness Book of World Records ‘Largest Cat’ was Leo of Vermisso Maine Coon (no longer in business) in 1997. He was redubbed the World’s longest cat sometime in 1999 (maybe later). Anyway…

    I think they should recognize both. Knowing the Savannah is most certainly pertinent and interesting information. However, the astonishingly large moogie, Judas, being an anomaly of nature, deserves recognition. I wonder if we could start a petition of something to bring attention to it.

    1. Nice idea. I think we would need to make sure the measurement was spot on accurate though. It seems to me that measuring to the shoulder is a bit tricky to get absolutely right.

  5. Wow but his proportions are normal unlike savannahs which look tall and thin. So he just looks like a normal cat so it’s important he be next to a normal sized one for scale. Those savannahs look tall anyway. I am suprised he weighs 20 pounds and not more. Dante wieghs just over that and alot of large cats do. I’m not saying he’s small though. 🙂

    1. I agree he looks like he should weigh more than 20 pounds. F1 Savannah are rangy and weight more than 20 pounds. But Judas is extraordinary. Judas does look a bit unusual in one way. His legs look a bit skinny compared to the body. That is the impression I have from the picture.

      1. Deborah-Ann Milette

        Motzie is 24 pounds of twisted steel (all muscle) IF Magic is to keep her record she has to be remeasured by the new rules which is difficult to measure a cat by. Measurements are now the same as measuring a dog. Cats slink or crouch of something is placed on their shoulder so reality is measurement for Motzie is not accurate that were sent in. The present measuring method is very inaccurate for felines.

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