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World’s Top Tiger Poacher — 7 Comments

  1. I just feel very very sad and I cannot understand why this man would want to kill tigers to extinction. He is making a fortune but what will he do when the tiger becomes extinct? Start killing other animals? He is dangerous and greedy beyond belief he is capable of wiping out entire species.

  2. I will not be saving my monies to purchase my Savannah kittens from you know who. I will be saving to fly to India to put this inhuman man down.

      • I really don’t thin you were speaking figuratively, Michael. Let’s do that. I’m all for it. That Tiger would take one sniff at him, and say to her/him self, I am just doing to pull out your teeth by way of my majestic paw, and then I will lop off your head, leaving it for other poor animals to eat. I want nothing to do with you!

  3. Somebody should end this man’s life. The problem is that in India people see the tiger as a bad (dangerous) thing and are happy to get rid of it so poachers don’t have much opposition when it comes to public opinion. Just my 2 cents.

    • Yes, the tiger is a nuisance to citizens and as for politicians anything goes. Bottom line : the Indian government are just not concerned enough. They never have been. Weak policies. Weak enforcement. Corruption. Inadequate management. Inadequate funding. Poor planning. You name it.

      Note: I am British and there is corruption in the British government too so please don’t think I am being unfair.

      Click this for some posts on the subject.

  4. Michael, excellent detailed coverage of the tiger poacher, very educative.I feel sad of the day when all big dangerous wild-life would just be confined to zoological parks of the World.Would future generations be happy of just visiting a large artificial zoological park and return home happy at viewing enclosed and captive “Big Cats” and other large animals? Will the National parks of the future be populated with just small herbivores and carnivores, the “Big Species” becoming totally extinct in forests? Elephants, the largest herbivores in Indian forests regularly come into conflict with villagers and occasionally meet with rail accidents while crossing tracks .Wild-life in its natural environment is in danger all over the world as the human population grows and hence forest habitat decreases.

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