Would You Like To Live In A Cat Village?

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Imagine if there were villages especially for cat lovers. I’d move to one without a second thought.

Cat Village
Cat Village. Poster collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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There would be no one welcome to live there who did not love cats and there would be no dogs allowed, of course.

Dog lovers could have villages of their own where they could enjoy their dog conversations whilst out walking and their dogs could bark to their hearts content without it getting on other peoples nerves.

In a Cat Village everyone could have their own individual style of home, from hut to mansion, rich or poor welcome, each would have their privacy and they could allow their cats to have their freedom without worrying about dangers outside.

The village would be surrounded by trees and grass and of course there would be no traffic allowed, a car park would be provided at the edge of the village.

There would be a Community Hall in the centre of the village where everyone could meet up and discuss their favourite topic….


…and raise money for cat charities with fund raising events.

Notices in a cat village
Poster-collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra.

A feline only Veterinarian would live in the village and make house calls so the cats didn’t have the stress of going to his clinic unless absolutely necessary.

There would be a Cat Food and Accessories store with healthy cat food on sale, a selection of scratching posts and pads, cat beds and toys.

Imagine going shopping and meeting up with other cat lovers and having cat conversations every day.

All cats would be neutered, male and female and anyone wanting more cats would adopt them from Rescue Shelters.

The village would have such a happy relaxed air about it that all the cats and all the residents would get along fine together and have happy and peaceful lives.

Dream on Ruth …………………………………

So, would YOU like to live in a cat village? I’m sure the PoC cat lovers will have many more ideas to share here as to how it could be made a Utopia.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

34 thoughts on “Would You Like To Live In A Cat Village?”

  1. In a village like this I’m sure the sun would nearly always be shining, but just imagine when it wasn’t, in wintertime, and when evening approaches we all light our lovely log fires and sit nice and cosy on the hearth rug with our cats warm and comfy in the armchairs and on the settees, soft lights, a good book or something on TV, a glass of whatever we prefer and tasty nibbles near at hand, what a dream.

  2. What a great idea,count me in with bells on 🙂
    I love your poster Ruth and best of all I see a guard on duty to stop Woody getting anywhere near our paradise lol
    I can’t believe he hasn’t tried to sabotage this feel good article,
    We could come up with so many ideas between us it’s wonderful to have dreams like this.

  3. We need someone with lots of money to buy a village and rent the houses out to cat lovers to get his/her money back.
    How I wish I had some money 🙁
    We could have a sort of commune, self sufficient growing our own food, rescue battery hens would be happy to give us eggs. We could have an arts and crafts shop at the edge of our village …oh I could go on and on and on and I LOVE you all for your enthusiasm and good ideas…..

        • Ruth–no offense, you know– our children/grandchildren have enough online games. Let’s make this a reality! [and no, not a show.] Marc might actually do it! Let’s encourage him. He seems to think it is feasible (so do I). It certainly is worth more thought. So, let’s keep this open, please? On both Isles and on the north continent, possibly. I have landscaped gated communities over here. I don’t think Ruth(Kattaddorra)’s idea is so far-fetched. I also want to be the fishmonger in the Cat Village, if that’s alright?

          • lol but someone, maybe Marc, could make their fortune by inventing a video game and use the money to build the village, then rent the houses out. The children of the village would be too happy playing out in safety and lots to do in the community to want to hunch over video games.
            Fishmonger lol yes everyone can choose what they want to do.
            Next article in the series almost finished now to send to Michael later today ……


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