Would You Like To Live In A Cat Village?

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Imagine if there were villages especially for cat lovers. I’d move to one without a second thought.

Cat Village
Cat Village. Poster collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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There would be no one welcome to live there who did not love cats and there would be no dogs allowed, of course.

Dog lovers could have villages of their own where they could enjoy their dog conversations whilst out walking and their dogs could bark to their hearts content without it getting on other peoples nerves.

In a Cat Village everyone could have their own individual style of home, from hut to mansion, rich or poor welcome, each would have their privacy and they could allow their cats to have their freedom without worrying about dangers outside.

The village would be surrounded by trees and grass and of course there would be no traffic allowed, a car park would be provided at the edge of the village.

There would be a Community Hall in the centre of the village where everyone could meet up and discuss their favourite topic….


…and raise money for cat charities with fund raising events.

Notices in a cat village
Poster-collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra.

A feline only Veterinarian would live in the village and make house calls so the cats didn’t have the stress of going to his clinic unless absolutely necessary.

There would be a Cat Food and Accessories store with healthy cat food on sale, a selection of scratching posts and pads, cat beds and toys.

Imagine going shopping and meeting up with other cat lovers and having cat conversations every day.

All cats would be neutered, male and female and anyone wanting more cats would adopt them from Rescue Shelters.

The village would have such a happy relaxed air about it that all the cats and all the residents would get along fine together and have happy and peaceful lives.

Dream on Ruth …………………………………

So, would YOU like to live in a cat village? I’m sure the PoC cat lovers will have many more ideas to share here as to how it could be made a Utopia.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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34 thoughts on “Would You Like To Live In A Cat Village?”

  1. In a village like this I’m sure the sun would nearly always be shining, but just imagine when it wasn’t, in wintertime, and when evening approaches we all light our lovely log fires and sit nice and cosy on the hearth rug with our cats warm and comfy in the armchairs and on the settees, soft lights, a good book or something on TV, a glass of whatever we prefer and tasty nibbles near at hand, what a dream.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Yes what a lovely dream, cosy in our homes, no noisy gangs roaming outside, no booming music, no dogs barking, just peace perfect peace.

  2. What a great idea,count me in with bells on 🙂
    I love your poster Ruth and best of all I see a guard on duty to stop Woody getting anywhere near our paradise lol
    I can’t believe he hasn’t tried to sabotage this feel good article,
    We could come up with so many ideas between us it’s wonderful to have dreams like this.

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    We need someone with lots of money to buy a village and rent the houses out to cat lovers to get his/her money back.
    How I wish I had some money 🙁
    We could have a sort of commune, self sufficient growing our own food, rescue battery hens would be happy to give us eggs. We could have an arts and crafts shop at the edge of our village …oh I could go on and on and on and I LOVE you all for your enthusiasm and good ideas…..

        1. Ruth–no offense, you know– our children/grandchildren have enough online games. Let’s make this a reality! [and no, not a show.] Marc might actually do it! Let’s encourage him. He seems to think it is feasible (so do I). It certainly is worth more thought. So, let’s keep this open, please? On both Isles and on the north continent, possibly. I have landscaped gated communities over here. I don’t think Ruth(Kattaddorra)’s idea is so far-fetched. I also want to be the fishmonger in the Cat Village, if that’s alright?

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            lol but someone, maybe Marc, could make their fortune by inventing a video game and use the money to build the village, then rent the houses out. The children of the village would be too happy playing out in safety and lots to do in the community to want to hunch over video games.
            Fishmonger lol yes everyone can choose what they want to do.
            Next article in the series almost finished now to send to Michael later today ……

  4. OMgoodness, Ruth! I love it!
    And we would all have a HUGE discount on “Feliway,” because we would buy it communally in bulk, in our Cat Village. And all of our felines would have free access on every corner to Alaskan King Salmon w/bones! You must start this village, Ruth…this is a monumental idea (and notsofarfetched)! 🙂 ^..^ big smile! [grabbing Shrimp and hugging him!]

    1. My mind is starting to run riot. There would be a corner shop selling discount cat products, all specially sourced. The shop would also be a cafe and a place to meet – a cat cafe. There would be an onsite veterinary surgery…shall I go on? Strategically placed trees and climbing areas. Dens to rest in and wild meadows to wander through. And no noise. Why can’t life be like that?

      1. Yes! Michael, Ruth and all of you! This could almost be the Land of Milk and Honey? (goat’s milk and catnip) The Japanese, who devote their home life to cats as much as we do, if not more, have shops where their favorite felines are kept behind a glass wall that encompasses as much space as the tea/sushi shp, so that they can watch their favorite “coffeeshp/teahouse” cats play and cavort and dream as they sleep, adoptable to any client who takes a liking to that kitty, wanting to give it a new, loving, love-smitten home!

        “What’s Michael?” by Makoto Kobayashi, is a manga that has taken my family by storm:

          1. Would you, really? I would send you my volumes, but my sweet daughter Madeline took them all with her when she went away to university. And thanks to you, Michael, I now know, from your link that three more volumes are available that we haven’t even read! Yay!

      2. Strategically placed trees, like Hackberry with their sinewy horizontal limbs… so that a kitten could e en climb and rescue himself! I love it! And the honeysuckle trees that are only ten feet tall; no cat can resist climbing this! to be on tall where the birds loll… I love it! and we would have hummingbird flowering plants, because there is nothing better to a feline than the objet of their desire: to attempt to catch a hummingbird before it nettles you! iN my humble opinion, as a catlover, I think, Ruth, Michael, that you might try to actually see this idea through!

        1. What nice ideas. We should also grow wild catnip and as you indicate honeysuckle acts like catnip — very attractive to cats. You can buy honeysuckle cat toys. It would be as near as we can get to cat utopia and that would make us very happy and relaxed. Knowing our cats are content and healthy is important. Improve the life of your cat and your life is improved.

          I don’t think the “cat village” is a totally impractical idea. It is viable. Also a cat village would be a recognition of the nearly 10 million cats in the UK and say about one tenth of the human population keep cats.

          In the USA a cat village would also please people who dislike cats. It works both ways.

  5. You’re an idealist Ruth! But oh my wouldn’t it be something if we could really do that! I would love it!! My next door neighbour had 2 cats and it was heaven because we were so alike! We never fell out and all our cats played nicely together. Sadly the Landlord wanted the house back so she left and when she did she left a big hole in my heart 🙁 Honey misses Simba so much she has no one to play with now 🙁

    If anyone wants to build a cat village I would rent a property there!

    BTW Ruth I adora your poster!!!

    1. Ruth’s poster is purrfect, isn’t it? 🙂
      Leah, my nxt-dr-neighbor’s cat is also “Simba.” He is the spittin image of my Shrimp, and they get along like two little Buddha’s. little, big red tabbies. They are adorable, like any. God bless them all.

      Shrimpie was looking at the stars in the midnight sky tonight. least he seemed to be -you can never tell with Shrimpster- he may have been focused on a bug below the ash tree, I really don’t know with him. [He is so wide-eyed, and so damn cute!

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks Leah, I do love designing posters to tell the story.
      So sorry about your lovely neighbour going 🙁
      Landlords only care about getting as much rent as they can, it doesn’t matter to them that they devastate peoples lives.
      In Cat Village money won’t matter as long as we have enough to pay our way.

  6. This sounds like a village where I would happily live. My cats would like to suggest that the village has its own shallow pond, complete with fish.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Walter and Jozef agree with your cats idea Everycat 🙂
      BTW LOVELY to hear from you on here again x

  7. If I was called upon to give a talk I would do it with happiness and joy and with a bit of fun. There is a lot to talk about. We’d have a little community hall and talk about cats and have a beer or a glass of wine. Please can someone build it?

  8. I would be on the waiting list too. I love this idea. It is way in advance of humankind’s abilities to think practically and sensibly.

    I have always believed that house builders could do more to make homes more cat friendly. As about a fifth, or slightly less, of households in England and the USA have cats it would make sense to create a cat orientated community. There is money in the idea.

    A great added benefit is that the people would be very likely to get along because they would have similar beliefs and cultures. Also what is good for cats is also good for us.

    I would love that community. I would go anywhere if someone built a Cat Village. We don’t value the domestic cat anywhere near enough in my opinion.

  9. Dreams are made of places like this! I would love to be surrounded by kind and gentle people who just wanted to live their own lives without encoaching on others in a place where cats were respected as the free spirits they are, where they could roam safely free from danger from humans, dogs or traffic. Maybe sometimes there would be a little trouble if cats fell out amongst themselves and their caretakers felt compelled to defend the honour of their own cat, but I’m sure all would be resolved nicely in the end. I wish such a place existed but if it did I bet the waiting list would be horrendous!

    1. lol – I’d be on that waiting list for sure. Sounds like paradise. I’d like to work there. Infact I’d never want to leave. It’s not crazy to think of a small group of cat lovers to buy some adjacent or adjoining property and put a cat fence all the way around so everybody’s cats could roam the handful of properties shared between you.

      Anybody? I would totally do it. Seriously, anybody?

        1. I am trying to buy an apartment near Richmond Park. When I visited the place and saw a Siamese cat wandering around the grounds near the apartment, it was the signal I needed to put in an offer 😉 That tells you something.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            Yes that’s your sign Michael.
            When we were researching a new place to live 14 years ago to get away from our first lot of NFH we came at various times of the day to ensure it was cat friendly. We saw a ginger cat looking out of the window next door but one to this house. Then oh joy of joys when I plucked up courage and knocked at the door of the house adjoining ours to ask if they minded 2 cats coming next door, Dawn said she had a cat and loved cats!
            We had happy years until she emigrated and a few more happy years when our ex friend/neighbour lived there with her 15 cats, we had our ‘Cat Cul De Sac’ but it was too good to last 🙁

        2. It IS possible, Ruth. I will help you bring this dream to fruition! I think that your idea is doable… It has been done in Japan. Not to this extent, but they would love to see it done (has it been done in Japan?) Here is my beloved Japanese “Michael:”


          This has been my idea, lying in waiting: A cat Cafe, where we can all watch the kitties play, even those who are allergic –who still love cats because of their nature– behind a glass wall that protects and meets gov’t standards… you can watch, day after day, your fave felines play, sleep, groom, interact, until you choose to adopt! This is an idea that I have had for a very long time. And this is maybe, IMHO, something that may work in Washington, DC…?

          What do you think? I believe that Ruth’s idea is feasible! What do you fellow catlovable people think?

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            I love your enthusiasm Caroline! Yes we would have a cat cafe too.
            I had a feeling our PoC family would come up with lots more ideas 🙂

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