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Would You Work In A Cat Shelter? — 3 Comments

  1. I read the other day that PETA sent flowers or chocolates to some shelter that is a no kill shelter that had a numbers problem and was going to have to kill cats by the end of the month unless something was done. The community ended up helping and they remained a no kill shelter. But when PETA heard about this they sent them gifts and a note saying ‘thanks for making the right choice for the animals’. Now we know they dont just spend their money on PR, but apparently also on chocolates and gifts in the name of killing healthy animals. I’ll not put as link here but I’m sure it can be found easily. I could never work there either if it involved killing. Elisa wrote a very good article some time ago about PTSD associated with working in a shelter and having the job of killing animals. It’s a seriously messed up side effect of modern culture and I’m sure being involved is quite seriously damaging to a persons well being. Modern culture enables itself to be so downright immoral and horrid with it’s structure of specialism and expertise. Thereby allowing the mainstream of population to not see the horrors of its own creation. IE: there’s usually somebody messed up enough or willing to sacrifice their sanity, who will take care of the various dirty work that has to be done. Elisa’s article is very good in demonstrating just how powerful said ‘dirty work’ is. I dont have the link or name of the article it I’m afraid.

    But I too would be fine to do just about everything else. Infact I want to do this kind of work with my spare hours but I have not found a vacancy in this sort of work here in Switzerland in part due to the fact that lots of people already volunteer so I must get in line, but also because we dont really have a stray cat problem here.

  2. REMINDS ME OF A FAMOUS QUOTE FROM THE BOOK “ANIMAL FARM”, QUOTE,”SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL”. Its a sad fact of life that life itself is very unequal, both with humans as well as animals.

  3. I often wonder if I had my time over again I would choose to work with animals. Not so much because it’s poorly paid and you get some dirty jobs, but because of the heartbreak it brings.
    Many times I thought about leaving the vets I worked for as I felt I couldn’t take any more, not so much euthanising very ill animals but the heartlesness of people bringing simply unwanted cats and dogs in to be killed. With the best will in the world we couldn’t rehome them all and some people refused to give us permission to try, some in fact watched the animal die, to make sure! But I felt compelled to stay and do what good I could but it did affect me greatly as does any abuse of animals.
    I was glad to retire as I’d had enough of the human race and coming home at night to cry. Volunteering was different as we don’t have any kill shelters here, I could never work in one of those places!
    Yet maybe if you are an animal lover you don’t even have to work or volunteer with animals for it to affect you, just hearing about it can fill you with despair if you really care. I’ve never been in a laboratory yet the thought of the suffering of animals in those places deeply upsets me, even without seeing pictures. I think a person has to be very cold hearted towards animals for their suffering and needless death not to affect them at all.

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