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Writing An eBook To Benefit Cats — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the nice comments, Elisa. Just to clarify–there are three books about Spam the cat. The first one is SPAM VS THE VAMPIRE, and the title is kind of self-explanatory. It’s the second one, FATHER CHRISTMAS, Spam the Cat’s First Christmas which is actually more of a novelette (and therefore less expensive in e-book form at least) that is the one whose proceeds I’m donating to my local shelter (the alma mater of KB Dundee, Cisco and Pancho). It is a softer story sort of about a critter’s take on all of the myth and magic surrounding Christmas. The third book in the series, THE TOUR BUS OF DOOM, Spam and the Zombie Apocalyps-o, is about Spam trying to save his town from a zombie invasion that has had the nerve to take over his favorite fish’n’chips cafe. But only the middle story, the Christmas one, is solely for the benefit of the shelter. Thanks!

  2. Interesting, thanks for the info. I hear more and more about people writing ebooks. Elisa you might know Robyn Anderson from Love and Hisses – her husband writes ebooks, some you might like I think if you like horror. His name is Fred Anderson. This is another example of why the internet is extremely good for equal opportunity and creativity. Before there was no way you could get your story read without a publisher. There are many bad things about the internet but the good things such as this are priceless. I used to make music and play in bars and clubs in Toronto and was able to make it all myself compiling the tracks on my computer and me and my friend could then produce some great live sets. The more you talk about your ebook the more people will think of reading it obviously but its so important to remind people the material is there if they feel like readng it. As a person who reads usually only factual or theoretical stuff on the internet I don’t often think about the existence of ebooks. But many people like fiction so I guess when I sit down and read POC and the suchlike for the evening somebody else reads an ebook.

    Anyhow I totally agree with your notion of it being important to promote ebooks that you or others have written. I have a list I want to read already. So when the day comes that I want to sit down for a lonng read – like on a long haul flight or a summer by the sea, then I have tons of great stuff to look forward to 🙂

  3. Spam is a vampire slayer, but in the new book Father Christmas he isn’t slaying any vampires.

    Also not that Father Christmas is the only book donating proceeds to the shelter. Elizabeth has written quite a few books. Wish I knew her secret…I keep getting writers block on Sealys.

  4. I quite like the idea of getting an eBook published and having it available to Kindle users. In fact PoC could convert some of the pages to an eBook. It is something worth thinking about.

    All the words and information is already here. Thanks for the tips Elisa.

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