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Your Cat Hospice — 10 Comments

  1. I think its so unselfish to adopt and care for an older more poorly lady cat especially with the associated costs she’s so lucky to have you she looks a sweet old lady and she must be so grateful shes found somewhere comfortable to live out her last time loved and safe.

    • Thanks Leah. The last two days she has eaten much better. She loves the Hills wet cat food in pouches – she had better, it is so bloody expensive ;). The increased appetite might be partly because of the steroid injection the vet gave her direct into the area of the cancer, the last time we went. Or she is just more relaxed and comfortable. I hope it is the latter.

    • I am currently feeding her on Hills high quality wet food in pouches which she loves. She eats quite a lot which is a big change. It makes me happy except it is hellishly expensive at over £8 per box of 12 pouches. English prices you understand ;). I also feed Hills a/d which she likes too. She is a worry though.

  2. Gosh Michael – poor Cardi and poor you. It sounds like she is weak but fairly happy and maybe content but certainly comfortable. Good on Charlie for being easy going about it. We had a dying cat (I mentioned this cat I ended up with before) and the other cats knew what was going on and gave her alot of space. It’s incredibly sad. I’m sure you will know exactly what to do and since that may be the one thing you are worried about I would suggest a little faith that Cardi will make it clear – there wil be a sign, you will know when she can’t or when she is unhappy or in pain. Until then all you can do is take care of her like you are. She sounds like a sweetheart.

    • Thanks Marc. I just hope the post helps someone when making this difficult decision. It does need a lot of care and consideration. I agree there will be sign. I hope I see it and respond properly.

      It is stressful. Didn’t sleep that well last night.

  3. Cardi couldn’t be in a better cat hospice than yours Michael, I hope she manages to eat the special food and I really hope she chooses her own time to leave rather than you having to decide.
    Have you heard how the old lady is now?
    Yours must be excellent vets to care so much about an old terminally ill cat.
    A friend in the USA with an old cat with bladder trouble is heartbroken that all the vets she sees with him are doom and gloom and giving her leaflets on euthanasia while he is still eating and loving her and walking around tail up.
    As you say, cats have a right to live as long as that life has quality.

    • Hi Ruth, they are excellent vets. The old lady is making progress (which is fantastic news) but she is very old so there is some doubt whether she will return to her home. She is a strong lady of 98 years of age. Amazing. She is visited regularly and she enjoys her visits.

  4. Yes, you’ve run a cat hospice since Cardi arrived. Keeping her comfortable, knowing the inevitable. It is hard on the caregiver. But now she can go naturally hopefully. It’s best I think, unless there is pain. She looks like she is smiling in this photo.

    Good for you Michael. Lucky Cardi. I wish it could be the same for her elderly companion.

    • She is loved. That is the key. The steroid injection has made her a bit more frisky! True. She does look like she is smiling in the picture. At that time I has been with her for 20 mins. She was very relaxed and content. She looks younger than her age of over 10 years.

      Overall she has settled in well despite Charlie’s presence. Charlie does not care about her being around. Perhaps he senses she is non-threatening.

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