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Your Human Partner Behaves Like A Cat — 15 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, that’s funny! I actually think this would be very attractive. I mean depends what. Staring at birds all day long not so much, but some other qualities like cat’s self-containment with just a little touch of narcissism could work for many.

      • My goodness. Sarcasm. from Michael? Good! Let’s all be in rare form tonight! [dog personality starting to show. Apologies again. My bad. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t enjoy each other’s company…? ]

        Oops. [DOG] does that mean the rest of you have social engagements? oh, guess I’ll stay home alone, feeling sorry for myself…
        crapping in your moonflowers.

  2. I surely would only marry a cat now I’ve had my fill of men unless I met someone really special who met with the approval of all my cats oh and my kids as well lol

  3. roflol I laughed so much at this article and the comments!
    Well seeing as Babz and I don’t have any men around now, sadly her lovely John died and none of mine were ‘up to scratch’
    So Walter and Jozef are the men in our lives and we don’t have to worry about them behaving like cats because they ARE cats
    lol lol

  4. OK, no more tongue-in-cheek. Qualities that I expect from a cat that I adopt: be yourself. You are a cat, most likely Domestic. Just be yourself, because that is what I love most about You! no matter what you do behaviorally, there is one thing that I am certain of… if you come to believe that I will continue to look after you in a kind and sensitive way– on your terms aka, respecting who You are– you, in kind, will do the same for me. respectfully, sensitively, reciprocally… unconditionally.

    • [How many males lv comments on this site, anyway, Michael? I see few, but maybe that’s because I haven’t been here long? For goodness sake, let’s see more sensitive males –you know who you are– leave comments! Stop being such pussies…]

  5. You know, Michael. You are right on, and because you are sensitive (and humorous) enuf to broach such, I am going to make a confession which might make look odd…

    I’ve often wondered if I could persuade my best male friend to undergo a DNA change when the opportunity arises (sometime in the hopefully distant future). I am secretly hoping that he would very much like to take on some straight, stiff whiskers and ears that stood on top of his head, furry. With big, bright eyes, and maybe a furrry tail. Is that too much to ask? ohboy.

  6. I am laughing so hard! Right off if I had a partner behaving this way I would go to my DSM-IV-TR to discover what disorder he or she were suffering from! Ha ha ha ha ha this was priceless!

    Now having said this, I have cats that don’t know they are cats and feel they are quite human or a dog! They know what the refrigerator means and the moment it is open they (especially my new boy Quentin) walk in front of me and explore what’s on the frig shelves. I’m a vegan so he is usually disappointed!

    If my cats could get a job? I would be rich! πŸ™‚

    Love and Light

    • That is a nice twist, turning it completely on its head. Cats behaving as people. That is far more acceptable. In fact is is loveable and attractive as long as we recognise them as cats, which is not difficult because the wild cat lurks within.

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