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Your cat could protect you against a crime in your home — 5 Comments

  1. Intersting and it’s true even a couple washes won’t get rid of cat hairs in my experience. I true robber who thinks of all these things might well back away if a cat is involved. I think Michael is right, all it takes is one small thing and a robber will choose another place that doesn’t have any such small thing.

    (I was ‘away’ with a terrible back problem but I’m back now however I’m sad I missed out on the article about sweet little Chester which has so many intersting comments too.)

    • I and maybe Marion too will keep updating that page with any news and latest photos of Chester Marc so you are not too late to join in.

      • Thanks Ruth I’m still reading through it. What a sweet cat with such big paws 🙂 It’s true about kids today having awful standards and practically no oversight. I worry about the future because of that. My back is a fair bit better – thanks for asking. I’ve got a dodgy back in general so it’s not new.

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