Zodiac Sign Cat Lovers

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Browsing the internet and taking the information on an average, I found it very interesting that 6 of the Zodiac signs are said to have the most cat lovers.

They are:

  1. Taurus
  2. Cancer
  3. Leo
  4. Scorpio
  5. Pisces
  6. Aquarius

So I thought it might be fun to find out how many PoC visitors came under each sign?

I can’t believe Sagittarius isn’t there. Astrology is a very complex subject. I’m a Cancerian and very typical of the crab sign in that I retreat into my shell when upset but can give a nasty nip when necessary.

Just like a cat really, when provoked they lash out. I love my family and pets and home and friends and would fight to the death for them if anyone or anything threatened them.

Zodiac signs for cat lovers and cats

Zodiac signs for cat lovers and cats. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

It’s interesting about cats zodiac signs too.

  • Aries are fun cats, they like to try something new.
  • Taurus cats are placid, loyal and friendly
  • Gemini cats love attention and entertaining their caretakers
  • Cancer cats love their family, want to join in and are very sensitive
  • Leo cats like to be the boss, rule the roost and love cuddles
  • Virgo cats are quiet, intelligent and highly affectionate
  • Libra cats are sociable and love attention
  • Scorpio cats are extroverted free spirits
  • Sagittarius cats are enthusiastic, love children, but don’t like being picked up
  • Capricorn cats are reserved and not keen on children
  • Aquarius cats love outdoors and get along with most people
  • Pisces are shy around strangers but are real lap cats

Our Walter is a Leo in that he loves being bossy but with Cancerian traits of wanting to join in and being sensitive. Jozef is a Virgo with Leo traits, he’s quiet and intelligent but loves ruling the roost. So maybe in reality it doesn’t matter what zodiac sign a cat or a person has.

Is it all down to purr-sonality? But it does make a bit of a fun discussion I hope.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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Zodiac Sign Cat Lovers — 56 Comments

  1. Hello!! Gemini, and HUGE astro & cat person here!!! My own cat Alice sits next to me asleep as I write this! Although by birth she should be an Aries cat herself, she has more Gemini/Libra cat personality traits.

  2. Has someone made the suggestion that people should be matched up to cats via astrology 😉 I am not sure about astrology. Are cats included?

    Perhaps the argument is that cats don’t need to refer to astrology to select a human. They just do it by “feel”. And they are invariably correct.

    • Yes I think you are right Michael, cats know by instinct who will be the best caretakers for them, but unfortunately they have no choice who they end up with, fate decides that 🙁

  3. Thanks Kevin, I love it when everyone joins in and we have a bit of fun because I think almost all of us who come to PoC love cats so much that we feel upset about the abuse of them by so many people and about the killing of them and declawing etc etc. We talk plenty about those serious subjects and do what we can to try to help cats worldwide and I expect it gets to everyone at times as much as it does to me. So it’s good to have a light hearted discussion now and again.
    I love it when different people write articles with photos of their cats too.
    I could write about ours forever and have thousands of photos because I love them so much.

      • Thanks Michael, I’m not clever or well educated but I enjoy writing so I just write what I feel 🙂
        I also love designing posters to tell the story for people who don’t enjoy reading many words.

        • I must admit I look forward to Ruth’s posters more than any written article.I do enjoy everyones articles but can’t get my head around long rambling ones,it takes too much time when it’s limited,to read long spiels.
          I sometimes wonder what will happen when every single topic about cats has been covered,what will you write about Micheal or will you never run out of topics of cats?
          I hope not

  4. My mother is a Cancer my father a Taurus both great cat lovers so it’s now
    Scorpio 5
    Sagittarius 5
    Leo 2
    Taurus 2
    Gemini 1
    Aries 1
    Cancer 2
    Pisces 1
    Oh I do love things like this topic

  5. Thanks Valley GIrl, now we have 2 joint leaders
    Scorpio 5
    Sagittarius 5
    Leo 2
    Taurus 1
    Gemini 1
    Aries 1
    Cancer 1
    Pisces 1

  6. Marc and Valerie both lions making us 2 Leos

    Sagittarius 4
    Scorpio 3
    Leo 2
    Taurus 1
    Gemini 1
    Aries 1
    Cancer 1
    Pisces 1

  7. Interesting! So far I think we have here of PoC people and the people they know/knew:
    Sagittarius 4
    Scorpio 3
    Taurus 1
    Gemini 1
    Aries 1
    Cancer 1

    • I’m a leo Ruth. This is cool to find out who is what star sign. Nice idea 🙂

      I get on super duper well with saggitarius – I’m not sure if I am supposed to but all I know is that in my experience it’s totally the case.

    • ruth,you were right a couple of days ago when you said you could see a new topic for POC coming on.you commented on a very interesting subject. I’m not surprised at all of the feedback!!

      • I think a comment of yours on there gave me the idea for this article Kevin and you’ve given me another one today by your comment above about dogs, thank you.
        Now we can add you and your sister to the Scorpios too, making
        5corpios 5
        and taking the lead from Sagittarius

        • ruth,i a’m so happy that scorpios are running#1 so far.I knew my sister and I couldn’t be the only scorpios that are so passionate about cats!!!

  8. i am a Piscean and most Pisceans are dreamers who hate living in the “Real world” and hence try to create their own “Fantasy world”. As for me, my cats and pet parakeet keep me in a Fantasy world at home in Mumbai, sheltered from the harsh truths of daily living!Very interesting topic on star signs and cat owners.

  9. I’m Scorpio cat person and my twins are Scorpio and mad about cats too,that’s 3 more of us for that sign.
    Certainly not dog people as shohom says,yes I do rescue dogs and we do love them while they are with us but cats come first and I’m phasing out dogs for more cats once these latest 2 dogs are rehomed.

  10. I’m Taurus and it’s no secret that I love cats, I’m also all the things that are normally said about Taureans, and even have the neck troubles that we are supposed to be prone to. As for Sagittarians not being there, that is a huge mistake as Katt’s and my late mother was one as was my late hubby and they were both cat lovers in the extreme (thinking about our mother she did like a party and John used to like to sneak out for fish and chips when I wasn’t around, does that count?)I enjoyed reading all the different traits for different times cats are born, thanks R aka K

  11. I’m Gemini born on the cusp of Cancer. I most certainly have Cancerous traits about me. I studied Astrology under my cousin (and a few others) learning how to make Natal Charts (based on Sun and Moon signs). Each sign has a modality. This is based on which day you were born in the signs cycle. The modes are Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed. I was born in the 29th day (June 20th) so I’m a Mutable Gemini (sun sign). The modes also apply to signs themselves.

    Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

    Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

    Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces


    In my opinion: since there are several factors that tie together to determine each persons astrological charts there are commonalities between all signs under certain circumstances. Various combinations create similar traits, as well as distinct differences as well. Another thing to consider that every person forecasts from within their sign and they may have certain prejudice against some signs. So… again, in my opinion:

    A cardinal Gemini may be a dog person, while a mutable Gemini would be a cat person. A fixed Gemini would be tolerant of either. The closer the Gemini is to Cancer, they more they love all animals. I like this list a bit better, written by a Gemini named Natalie on Yahoo Answers with my opinion added in brackets []:

    Aries – cat person, independent and sassy [fiery/get’s things done]
    Taurus – cat person, stubborn and likes to lounge [solid as a rock]
    Gemini – cat person, ignores people, tries not to care too much [cares too much anyway/some are responsible]
    Cancer – dog person, shy, would do anything for loved ones [Cat and dog — great caregivers.]
    Leo – dog person, loves attention and wants to be admired [Leo’s are just plain cool]
    Virgo – cat person, cleanly and quiet [hum? could go either way. Very loyal once befriended]
    Libra – dog person, go with the flow and would do anything for the ones they love [some of the best people I’ve known were Libra. All of them artist. Themselves a work of art.]
    Scorpio – dog person, a little bit distant but cares deeply [without a doubt dog/make that several/attack dogs :P]
    Sagittarius – cat person, sneaks out at night to party :p [Don’t agree with the party comment/Sagittarius are loyal to their ideals. They are even handed and think on a higher plain. They are the power brokers.]
    Capricorn – dog person, is patient and loyal [the worst criminals or the best cops are Capricorn I read somewhere. Weird…]
    Aquarius – cat person, quirky and playful, also very intelligent [dogs more than cats. Some love all animals]
    Pisces – cat person, dreaming all day in their sleep [total animal lover — cat/dogs/birds/fish]

    A perons sex, sun sign, modality, day of birth, moon sign, significant others sign, time of birth, the exact Latitude and Longitude of where you were born ALL have factors in this. Any sign can love cats. The cats sign and any kids signs could effect it too… 🙂 If literally never ends. It’s a living system. There are just too many factors to consider to just say this sign or that would love cats.

    BTW: I quit my study of astrology when I realized that one would need record of every celestial body in the cosmos to accurately determine a true forecast. In theory we have signs for every rock in space. No mortal could do this…


    • Oh man I love this 🙂 :

      Sagittarius – cat person, sneaks out at night to party :p [Don’t agree with the party comment/Sagittarius are loyal to their ideals. They are even handed and think on a higher plain. They are the power brokers.]

      Thanks for a totally awesome comment.

    • as far as a scorpio being a dog only lover,for me and my sister who is also a scorpio,that could not be fufther from the truth.we are very strictly CAT ONLY people.I dont want to offend any dog lovers so i’ll keep what i think of dogs to myself.

      • I only have one good Scorpio friend to judge from, so my comments may have been a bit one-sided. I honestly think there are two many factors to say one sign likes this or that animal. I hope I didn’t offend you with this Kevin.

        • thank you dan,yes i’m sorry and understand what made you make that determination,thank you for the explanation.

          • scorpios like EITHER cats OR dogs, very passionate about their opinion on either pet.
            Cat or dog is more are matter of the moon sign and house placement:
            Libra moon in six is DEFINiTELY a cat person, aqua moon in six: dog person, sag moon in six likes exotic animals etc. six is the house of pets and smaller farm animals, house 12 of wild animals.
            People with a lot of Virgo/six/ and Libra/Taurus/Venus are more inclined towards cats, also water signs.
            The dog-scorpio connection has to do with loyalty and Pluto (ruler of scorpio and the underworld).
            But many have cats, especially women.
            Loyalty issues can drive cancer or the occasional capricorn (if pets at all) also to prefer dogs.

  12. I can’t believe Sagittarius isn’t there

    Absolutely because this is my sign 🙂 It probably explains why I always seek the truth and hate scams and fake stuff. There is far too much nonsense in the world. A bit of truth and honesty would improve it no end.

    • My big brother is a Sagittarius and he just adores cats. He would watch the cats play with the bit of plastic off the milk jug all morning if he had the time. He works all the time, all hours of the day and night running a huge computer network. Very faithful to his own beliefs, but respectful of others. He’s awesome.

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