_aescir Instagram pages have been removed

The person who has the social media tag: _aescir is a completely barbaric monster. Until a day ago he was posting multiple videos and images of gross animal cruelty on his Instagram page (I presume that “it” is a man). There was a general outcry on the Internet including on YouTube and on Reddit.com to get this maniac removed from the Internet as soon as possible and also to see them arrested and prosecuted because that ultimately is what they deserve.

_aescir on Instagram removed
_aescir on Instagram removed
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Google still produces previews of their videos in their search results as I type this. But when you click on those search results you are taken to the Instagram website which tells you that this person’s videos and images are unavailable. I take that to mean that they have been removed by Instagram administrators. Instagram, as you know, is owed by Facebook. If you search for “_aescir instagram” Google finds it (top of page one) but you are taken to the following:

_aescir instagram
_aescir Instagram

Here’s the problem, though. It takes a little while at the very best for administrators of these very large websites to remove this kind of abusive material. The websites rely on the public, the users, to highlight objectionable material. In this instance images of gross animal abuse were uploaded including a cat that had been hanged and a dog that had been burned.

The great difficulty with social media websites of this nature is their size. They cannot be policed effectively. It is very similar to government legislation regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Many governments have issued specific laws with respect to lockdowns and social distancing. The problem is that they are unenforceable because the police cannot cover the entire country. The specific laws require a voluntary agreement by the public and in many instances they disagree with the laws and therefore disobey them.

It’s the same with social media. There are clear guidelines about posting animal abuse images on these websites but they are ignored by committed animal abusers. I don’t want to be overly critical of social media websites. They are very good in many ways and provide a great service to millions if not billions of people. It’s just that there will always be abusers of both animals and social media websites. They get a kick out of publicising their gross crimes and getting away with it. These people cannot be stopped quickly enough which means that, depending upon how fast action is taken, their images can be online for quite some time where they can damage people psychologically and encourage other abusers to copy their behavior.

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