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A 12-year-old girl dumped a cat into a rubbish bin — 5 Comments

  1. She should indeed be charged and report to a qualified therapist for at least until she reaches the age of majority. Any acts of animal cruelty after that should reopen her juvenile case and be prosecuted without mercy. We have a sick little piece of baggage, daughter of BIL who also shows the same disregard for his pets privately yet pretends to be a good pet owner on his FB page.
    Rest assured this was not this girls first foray into animal abuse. Just the one that got caught on camera.

  2. Too many people see animals as unfeeling, inanimate, soulless robots. Where’s the harm in smashing a machine? Nasty twisted brains.

  3. I’ve noticed for a long time that young people are this way to animals, and it’s especially shocking when girls are cruel. Even women, one of which made a point to me the other day of saying how much she dislikes cats – no good reason for it of course. Also, I live in a high Mexican population whose culture has a low regard for animals. But this girl putting a live cat in the garbage is a new low…

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