A beautiful cat litter box for environmentally concerned people

Cove cat litter tray
Cove cat litter tray. This is a screenshot from the video you see on this page.
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This is a Kickstarter project from Tuft + Paw. They have created Cove, a great looking cat litter box. It is made of recycled toxin-free plastic. The design is impeccable and functional. The video covers the ground so I won’t bore you with a long article except to say it is the most attractive and functionally efficient cat litter box that I have seen. Please consider contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. There is a reward for those that do – please click on this link.

Note: This is a really nice video. This page will not be removed even after the Kickstarter campaign has concluded so the video may disappear one day.


I truly believe it’s the most beautiful litter box in the world – the creator

Tuft + Paw make cat products which combine great design and functionality. They are modern and elegant. Functionality is as important as excellent design for me. Cove has an integrated scoop, dustpan, and handbrush. Keeping the container area for these tools clean is something that would bother me. The recepticle for these two tools can be removed from their storage area. They can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. The base is non-slip, another nice touch. Making the product from recycled plastic makes it attractive to those of us who are concerned about the envronment as we should be.

Cove litter box with integrated tools.
Cove litter box with integrated tools.

Tuft + Paw also make litter box furniture, cat trees and cat scratching posts – please click on this link to go to their website.


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