A Care2 petition has been set up asking for the “full prosecution for Asheville cat killers

A Care2 petition has been set up asking for the “full prosecution for Asheville (NC) cat killers.” At the end of this article, you’ll find the links to previous articles here on PoC. CAUTION: People who upset easily should exit this page immediately because this is REALLY REALLY bad!

please sign the petition for justice for Kitty
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment written by visitors. It is a way visitors can contribute to animal welfare without much effort and no financial cost. Please comment. It helps this website too which at heart is about cat welfare.

The petition goes into a bit more detail as to what happened to an innocent cat named Kitty.

“Officers were alerted to social media images posted on Instagram and Facebook (on October 27) showing the dead cat strung up and sliced open, posed with hypodermic needles in its body and drugs in its mouth.

Based upon the posted pictures, police arrested 26-year-old Shariah Jessamyn Metzger and 29-year-old Jace Lee Greene on charges of improper burial of an animal. The suspects have since been charged with one additional count of instigating cruelty to animals. As a result, Metzger and Greene have both had bail set at $20,000. APD is still seeking information on the whereabouts of a third suspect, Zackery Eugene Greene, who has yet to be located.

When interrogated, the alleged perpetrators tried to assert that the cat was theirs; however, a microchip scan of the body proved otherwise. The alleged perpetrators also attempted to assert that the cat was already dead. A necropsy has been done to find out exactly how the cat died, and results will be released at the trial.”

Greene aka Spoons from Nov 2017.

We all know that studies show a direct link between animal abuse and violence toward humans. This includes child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, and other violent behavior. Rapists, killers and domestic violence abusers start out with animals, according to studies. (Google it!)

The Asheville community isn’t the only community where animal advocates want a conviction as well as the heftiest punishment allowed by law. Animal cruelty is running rampant everywhere these days and abusers should be given harsh sentences to deter future animal abusers.

I’ve seen a few posts stating Zackery Eugene Greene was spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend. It’s not confirmed, as he could be anywhere since he’s experienced at riding the rails (train hopper).

Please sign and share this petition, which is already close to its goal of 3,000 at the time of this article.

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