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A Cat As Big As A Medium-Sized Dog — 4 Comments

  1. Makes me wonder how big my ‘Ailbe’ will get since he is 10 month’s old and weighs a whopping 12 pounds and he isnt even done growing but this cat here is beautiful.

    Photo is my ‘Ailbe’

    • This was ‘Ailbe’ when I agreed to foster him,the vet was all set to euthanize him and I wouldn’t allow it,he had been attacked by 2 german shepherds and was used as a tug toy between the 2 dog’s and was temporarily blind,the collage is him.

  2. Photographs can be hard to gauge the size of something, even by comparing objects or people in the same photo depending on the f stop or something (depth). It would have helped to know the weight of the cat, but comparing the size of her hand, that’s a big cat. I don’t think I’d like a regular cat that big. I let my cats walk on me and that would hurt.

    • Yes, you are right. Perspective can change relative size. But this cat is odd. It looks as if the photo has been edited but I don’t see it. I quite fancy a big domestic cat but if they are indoor/outdoor cats it’ll be dangerous: theft etc..

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