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A Cat Collar Which Translates Your Cat’s Sounds Into Spoken English! — 7 Comments

    • Yes, that last sound was a distressed sound. The translation was way off the mark. I am being too serious.

  1. I wouldn’t mind having a trial use of this device just to see how “experts” interpret my cats’ communications as opposed to my own. I believe that I am around 90% in tuned with what my cats are conveying. But, I have the advantage of knowing each cat well, hearing their vocalizations on a daily basis, and seeing their body language.
    But, it would be fun to try.

    • Me too. It would be fun to see what they came up with. I have a feeling it will be disappointing. The translation will be more about fun than reality.

  2. I think you’re a very smart observer of cat behavior. When I first saw it, I thought “gimmick”, but didn’t consider any of the points you’ve so wisely made.

    I’m sure they’ll sell a lot of these to pet guardians who have money to burn, and enough curiosity to burn it on this gadget. I can imagine that the ego will also be very involved. Imagine the attention you might get if you were the first of your friends who could claim that your cat speaks English! And soon, many other languages! Oh brother!

    I just watched the “10 Best Cat Videos” on You Tube. Since I don’t watch TV, I’ve missed out on these. Cats are finally having their moments of fame. I’m glad to see this, because I think it will contribute to cats being seen as having value to humans in all their mysterious ways. Providing humor is one of their therapeutic gifts that give us relief from the daily stress of life. Relief from stress is why people “self medicate” with alcohol and drugs. A cat can provide natural endorphins, and that’s my drug of choice.

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