A cat food cure for people who are allergic to cats


Purina believe that they have found a way – by adding an egg product to cat food – to substantially neutralise the Fel D1 allergen in cats’ saliva which causes the allergic reaction in 20% of people.

Purina claim that this is a breakthrough. Their scientists have come up with an egg product ingredient in cat food which significantly reduces active levels of the allergen Fel d1, in cats’ saliva. In other words they have created a cat diet which neutralises the allergen in a cat’s saliva. Bingo.

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A lot of people understand that there is an allergen in a domestic cat’s saliva called Fel d1. It is this allergen which makes people allergic to cats.

The researchers at Purina have discovered a way to safely neutralise the allergen in the hair and dander of domestic cats. We know that when cats groom themselves they transfer the allergen from their saliva onto their fur which then dries and which in turn is released into the atmosphere where it causes an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the allergen.

The Purina researchers have substantially neutralised this allergen using an egg product which they describe as anti-Fel d1 IgY and putting it in cats’ diets.

The results which had been published in the journal Immunity, Inflammation and Disease showed a decrease in levels of active Fel D1 on the hair and dander of 97% of cat which were fed on a diet which included IgY.

The average reduction of active Fel D1 levels was 47% starting in week three. One half of the cats had at least a 50% reduction in active Fel D1 levels on their hair, and 86% of the cats had a reduction of at least 30% from baseline levels.

The argument is that a reduction in active Fel D1 levels in a cat’s saliva and on their hair will lead to a reduction of this allergen in the environment which would as a consequence help reduce symptoms in allergic people.

It is hoped that the discovery will transform what is a massive problem of about one in five people being allergic to domestic cats in America.

The sources for this information comes from the Purina Institute website and the Veterinary Practice News website. I will probably add to the page over time but if you wish to read up more on this then I would suggest that you visit the Purina website on neutralising allergens.

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NOTE: I will update the page when I have heard more about the introduction of this product onto the general market as I am sure it will interest many Americans.

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