A Cat Is Not A Toy

A Cat Is Not A Toy

by Michael

I take this title from an article in the Times newspaper that is about dogs, “handbag pups” in fact. These are very small dogs that socialites buy in the same way that they buy a handbag. The pup goes in the oversized, Louis Vuitton handbag or is carried in the arms à la Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is the classic example of this sort or behaviour. It truly is treating dogs as an accessory; something that spruces up their image in public. In private there is a high rate of relinquishment of handbag pups as the person tires of the animal and finds that she cannot cope or does not want to cope.

The same mentality can be said about people who declaw cats. A person who declaw’s a cat must see the cat as almost inanimate, like a household accessory. The fluffier and cleaner the better. The popularity of Persian cats especially small Persians (teacup cats) reflects this mentality.

Both handbag pups and fluffy declawed cats are victims of modern society. Let’s think back to 50 years ago. There were no extreme-bred purebred cats at that time. Siamese cats looked like real cats. Persian cats did not have flat unhealthy faces. They had classic cute but functional faces. The Persian cats of the 1950s are now called traditional Persian cats yet they are actually the real thing.

Overbred cats, declawing and handbag pups are all in the same category. They are “pets” whose role in life is to please their human companion who sees the pet as an accoutrement to their lifestyle. A symptom of the modern, debt based, consumer orientated culture of western society in the 21st century.

We need to turn the clock back and abandon this way of relating to companion animals and treat them with the utmost respect as our companions. We should respect their natural behaviour and do all we can to accommodate it. All companion animal breeding whether it is a cat or dog should be concerned with health and character. Appearance should fall well behind these priorities.

I know I am setting high standards and I know I fail these standards sometimes. To respect the domestic cat as a animal that is very close to the wildcat is the best way to foster a long term harmonious relationship. It is the best way to promote health and contentment in both parties to the relationship.

A cat is not a toy but a thinking, feeling, sentient creature.

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A Cat Is Not A Toy

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Sep 06, 2011 I agree totally
by: Leah England

I too hate to see these poor little dogs stuffed into handbags like toys.
I hate to see children mauling animals because their parents have not taught them any better.
Anyone de-clawing a cat so that their kid can maul it just makes me so angry I want to slap some sense into the stupid parents. What could be worse that an animal having its front line defence taken away and then given to a child as a toy? Its gross, sickening and I wish only the worst things in the world on these people and the vets that do it.
For so called civilised people Americans and Canadians have it so wrong. How can they argue with all of Europe and so many other countries?

The day that the awful practice of de-clawing is banned just can’t come soon enough.

Sep 06, 2011 I agree
by: Ruth

Setting high standards is good Michael and if you do fail sometimes it’s not on purpose, you are only human and we do have our failings and at least you try hard.
I hate the way some ‘celebrities’ tote small dogs around just for show, some even have them dyed to match their other ‘accessories’
I hate it too that people have cats declawed as if they have no rights or feelings. They are not toys to be taken out and played with when it’s convenient, they are not ornaments to sit looking pretty on windowsills. They are not lucky to be ‘given’ a home so ‘wonderful’ that they should be glad to sacrifice their toe ends to live with those arrogant selfish cruel people!
What is wrong with some people that they don’t put themselves in their pets ‘shoes’ sometimes and realise that animals are NOT possessions, they are living feeling creatures with rights.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Sep 05, 2011 A CAT IS NOT A TOY.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

This is the simple reason besides the economic downturn that is the main cause for abandonment of “pedigreed cats” in the developed World.Most people fall for the cute looks of a kitten little realising that once the kitten grows into a large cat, akin to a human companion it would require specialized care and maintenance which would be costly and uneffordable at times.
In my native Country of India, the abandonment of “Pedigreed Dogs” is now a common problem that most animal welfare organizations have to deal with.In dia has a registered “Dog club” in almost every metropolitan city but not a single “cat club” and hence the focus is on the “Dog abandonment problem”.People should realise that pet ownership is a life-long responsibility.
“PET ABANDONMENT” is a very real problem affecting both , the developing economies and the developed economies, irrespective of cats or dogs.

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