A Cat Killing Trooper and A Dog Named Susie

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Please read this TODAY and respond TODAY. Time is running out.

Ok, it’s late at night and I’m mad again. Sorry, everyone. I believe after reading this article you’ll all share the same concerns. You may as well get the tissues out. Unfortunately, you’re going to need them.

This story is taking place in North Carolina, USA. There are several sites carrying the story. I’m going to express what happened in my own words and list all of the references I used for you to read yourself.

I would first like to apologize to any troopers and residents of N.C. I have family there and have found it one of the friendliest places I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I even resided there for several months in the late 1980’s and everyone made me feel welcome. I’ve met law enforcement from N.C. and found them friendly and helpful. So this story came as quite a shock to me. For those of you in the U.K., many of your ancestors who migrated to the U.S. settled here. The state is known for beautiful mountains, rich farmland, trout streams, deer hunting, and Cherokee and Creek Indians.

The first case I’d like to tell you about began back in October 2009 when N.C. Trooper Shawn Houston caught and killed a cat on the prowl where he lived in Granite Falls, N.C. I correct myself, he killed a 5 month old kitten. I also correct myself on being mad. I’ve already passed FURIOUS!

Apparently this dangerous creature was jumping on and off of cars where he lived and was basically terrorizing the neighborhood. Houston claims he was afraid for his young children and set up a trap for the criminal cat. As luck would have it, the kitten took the bait and went inside. At some point the poor kitten scratched him and he did what he had to do. He shot it to death. This makes me SICK!!!

Men like this are the reason I don’t let my own cats outside.

Are you all outraged yet? I know I am. The kitten, Rowdy, was owned by a neighbor, who has since pressed charges of animal cruelty and injury to real property. This is not a case where the animal involved was dangerous, rabid or a threat to anyone. This was a young kitten exploring the outside world. Why was he surprised when the poor kitten scratched him. It was young, in a cage and terrified. I’d have scratched him too.

Did Trooper Houston even stop to think of the psychological damage he caused to all involved. I’m sure Rowdy never did anything to deserve being EXECUTED! That’s what it is when a gun is put to your head and you’re murdered without emotion or defense. Think of anyone (especially small children) who witnessed the murder. Think of Rowdy’s family who had to take what was left of him and explain/show how his life ended. I thought officers were trained to differentiate between dangerous animals and family pets.

Houston was fired in January 2009 for cruelty to animals and damages to real property. He has recently filed a motion to get his job back on the basis he was treated unfairly. None of the articles address how he was treated unfairly. I applaud those who removed him from his job. Could animal hate issues have escalated into people hate issues? If any of the readers here know Trooper Shawn Houston personally, I’d dearly love to hear his side of the story.

When is it tolerable by society to commit murder against a 5 month old kitten whose only crime was being allowed outside. I’m not angry that he is an officer of the law. I’d be mad at anyone cold blooded enough to kill a defenseless animal.

So what is the penalty for killing a helpless animal? It doesn’t include any jail time. Hopefully that’s about to change. That’s why I’m writing this article at this time. I’d like to tell you about a dog named Susie and Susie’s Law,

In N.C. On Wednesday, May 26, 2010, Susie’s Law HB1690 passed before the N.C. House. It will go before the senate in a few days. My readers MUST take action today. Susie was a dog who was tied, maimed and then set on fire. The man who did this, Lashawn Whitehead, was given only probation. Susie survived and has led the debate for the bill to pass. The first part of the bill was passed last week, with Susie in attendance. Susie’s Law in N.C. now makes it a low-grade felony instead of a misdemeanor to cause intentional death to an animal. Here is the form to write the N.C. government and speak up for animals everywhere.

I’m glad Susie found a wonderful “forever” home.

So why am I linking these two cases? Because they both involve harming a poor, defenseless animal in N.C. Neither Rowdy or Susie deserved being hurt at the hands of someone they should have trusted. Animals are so trusting and this is how some repay that trust. Thru torture and death. And people everywhere are really ignorant of how the law really works. Many believe animal abusers will automatically be punished for their actions. This isn’t true. We have to help pass laws to protect them.

Research has shown that in 80 % of the households where animals are abused, humans are abused also.

That’s a scary percentage and I thought my readers would like to know about this. Please email this link to all of your animal loving friends. This is not a “cat” issue or a “dog” issue. It involves every pet everywhere.

I’m going to stop writing now. I get too “into” my articles and right now I’m fighting the urge to go bite somebody. I did read Susie has a Facebook page with more than 18,000 fans (see comment below for access to this page). You go girl, you deserve every fan you get and you’re a remarkable dog. There are a few upsetting videos of Susie on YouTube. Just go there and type in Susie’s Law. I won’t force them on you here. There are also several cute happy videos on Susie’s Facebook page.

As for Rowdy, rest in peace, dear one. You didn’t die in vain. I’ll make sure of it.




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A Cat Killing Trooper and A Dog Named Susie

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Feb 09, 2012 That trooper(ex- trooper)haha but not enough deserves to die(ok maybe Im a little angry)
by: Anonymous

Animals should have the same right as people. Any one who abuses or kills any animal should face the same punishment as if it were a human. I hope that —-hole rots in —-!!!! He belongs in prison for the rest of his life!!

Nov 15, 2010 Outraged!
by: Anonymous

Your right! this is an outrage! there should be laws against this, aren’t there?

Aug 30, 2010 sickened
by: kathy

Sorry my comment is so late but im so behind. These stories made me sick. I hate hunting season which is about to start where I live. It seems like I can hear the animals cry out in my head. We need more laws like this. This too is why my precious cats are not let outside. We let Lia on the deck only if we are in attendence. Even then he is slick. You cant take your eyes off him for a minute. If you do hes over the deck looking in the neighbors door.

Jun 17, 2010 IT PASSED!
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Susie’s Law passed and is now official. Just wanted to let everyone know.

May 31, 2010 Important Update
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Rebecca Parker spoke to Senator Stan Bingham today and he said the bill probably wouldn’t make it before the senate as there are too many attorneys for it to go from a misdameanor to a felony. He said they don’t want to trample the rights of individuals.

Is there any place on earth where an animal has rights?

I’m still on the warpath over this one.

May 31, 2010 Poor little Rowdy
by: Tracey (England)

That poor little kitten; I shudder at what he went through before that scum murdered him.

I always hope that these vile low lives get exactly what they deserve.

He probably thought because he was a trooper he could get away with it! I just can’t understand what it is with these people! Thought the kitten would hurt kids! Oh please! This makes me so angry! Any excuse in the book is used it seems to justify murdering animals!!

And yes Elisa you are correct these excuses for humans most likely abuse people too because they are sick and warped and can’t keep their murdering hands to themselves.

He should never work again.

May 31, 2010 Kitty Murdering State Trooper Shawn C. Houston EXPOSED
by: Justice Brothers

Kitty Murdering State Trooper Shawn C. Houston EXPOSED here:

May 31, 2010 Facebook Link Correction
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Just go to Facebook and type in “Susie’s Law” and Susie’s page will come up. Do the same thing on YouTube to see Susie’s videos. The case should go to the senate between Tuesday and Thursday.

May 31, 2010 There are no words low enough to describe these people…
by: Maggie Sharp

Your story made me so mad, Elisa. Who the hell do those scum think they are! Treating a dog like that is disgusting, absolutely horrific!! They should be locked up for life for torturing Susie, shallow as it may sound, but I hope that what that person did to Susie happens to them too, so they can get an idea of what poor Susie felt. And murdering a kitten!! How pathetic, a kitten!! I’ve seen someone bash a kitten before, that itself was absolutely disgusting, horrible, I’ll never get over it, but murdering one! Why? Why take away a life so heartlessly, I just tears me apart to think of animals being murdered, whether it’s for their meat or out of cruelty, it’s just so horrible…

I will have a look at the links tomorrow. It’s a bit late now…

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