A cat named “Peace” makes dreams come true

мир (Mir) means “peace” in Russian. It is the name of the most magnificent and presidential Siberian cat you will ever see.

Siberian cat
Siberian cat MIR – photo: @pref_akita
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I believe that Mir was a gift from Russia to Norihisa Satake, the governor of Japan’s Akita prefecture. Mr Satake loves cats and has seven already living with him in his Mansion.

Mir appears to be an exchange gift as Mr Satake had earlier given Mr Putin an Akita Inu puppy named Yume (meaning Dream). The gift to Mr Putin was in recognition of Russian aid to Japan after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Mr Satake coined the phrase

“We need peace to make dreams come true”.

Very true. It is nice that a glorious Siberian cat named Peace has helped to maintain peace between two nations and that he has made a dream come true for Mr Satake. Neat.

Mir seems to be a silver tabby pedigree Siberian cat bred in Russia. The Russians like their cats and there many cat breeders in the country. You can see that Mir is designed for cold weather.

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  1. What a beautiful cat. A very nice storey too. Looks more like a tabby point with white as the main colour? Maybe the white is only where the hair is long?


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