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  1. Sad to inform of the demise of “Mouseka” in April 2016.A obituary was posted by her owner Veterinarian Dr Shiwani.Tandel on “FB” and hence i came to know about the same. Lived a long life since i last photographed “Mouseka” in 2011.

  2. Since you wrote this story, have you come across any vets that do declawing? We have an indoor cat that will never have to defend itself. It is, however, killing our furniture. Our regular vet, Happy Tails, doesn’t have the ability to declaw.

    • Hi, where do you live? If you live in America, 99.9% of the vets declaw cats. In the UK no one does it and the same will go for almost every other country in the world except for Canada. If you live in India then I would doubt that any veterinarian declaws cats, which I applaud. Please do not de-claw your cat under any circumstances whatsoever. If your cat is scratching your furniture then buy a few large, heavy scratching posts (you can get them on Amazon) and with patience train your cat to use a scratching post. In addition, with more patience you can train yourself to trim your cat’s claws. Or you might try the stick on claw covers. Or you might change your furniture to a type that cats do not like to scratch as much. There are many alternatives to removing the claws of your cat.

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