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A cat who started biting after being declawed — 9 Comments

  1. Such a pretty cat who looks for the world as though he wants to be part of everything but how can he with those obviously deformed paws? He must be in constant pain and scare all the time that someone will hurt him and he can’t defend himself so he gets in first with his teeth.

    Thank God you didn’t send him to a shelter and you understood his desperate need to behave as he did because some unfeeling person mutilated him 🙁

  2. Thanks for telling this story, Caroline. Poor JJ, mutilated and then handed over from one person to another. At least he stayed within the family. A lot of other families would have seen him as unmanageable instead of the victim that he was.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the original cruel owners didn’t consider having his teeth extracted. There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have been able to find a vet who would do it.
    You’re so right about this act. It caused so much stress and expense.

  3. This is another very sad story – poor little JJ – he looks awfully sweet – I can’t stand to look at his paws – they look so stunted.

    It would be very hard to keep ones balance let alone walk with our toes half cut off.

    I blame the vets more than the owners. I blame the owners for having no common sense but I blame the vets (who declaw) as the lowest of the low and some.

  4. Poor JJ, I can clearly see his stumpy paws and it’s very sad that he is only one of many cats with a similar story. He was lucky to be adopted by your understanding family but he wasn’t lucky in that he was deliberately crippled for life, it must break your heart Christine seeing this happening all the time.
    Yes we MUST get declawing banned in Canada and the USA and I admire your dedication to educating about the cruelty of it and your aim to get such cruel surgery stopped!

  5. What a sad story, JJ’s life ruined by his first owner who having mutilated his paws then passed him on for someone else to deal with his problems or kill him. The bit of luck JJ had was being taken in by your brother and remaining within your family for the rest of his life, many thousands of declawed cats never have any luck and either die out on the streets or in “shelters”, it’s heart breaking and it’s disgusting that declawing is still allowed to happen, as Jo says declawing MUST be banned in the USA and Canada, if people haven’t got the decency to stop doing it by choice then they must be stopped from doing it by law.

  6. Thanks Christine for this blog. We must get declawing banned in the USA and Canada. So many cats have lost their homes- too many vets claim that declawing preserves homes… making client think they are doing the right thing. What a disservice this is…

    • Some vets give other vets a bad name. Infact the more one learns about cats the more one starts to have serious issues with the general vet practices. There are many great vets still though but the ones who declaw for example, give them all a bad name in some sense.

      Declawing is actually evil. For the simple reason that it is for human ‘convenience’. That is what makes it so intolerable.

  7. Stupidity can be costly. Where do these people get the idea from that de-clawing cats is OK? Never heard of anyone de-clawing dogs but a stray dog did more damage in a month on my property than my cats did in 4 years.

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