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  1. I would love to discuss kitten imprinting on humans. I fostered 3 orphaned kittens starting when they where about 4 days old. When their eyes opened I was the first thing they saw and their primary caregiver. I ended up keeping one of the kittens. Imprinting has definitely taken place. I would love to tell you our story and how my boy is today. He just turned a year old. I have studied imprinting in foals, but you are spot on that it’s never heard of in cats.

      • I thought that imprinting happens in any animal (birds, lizards, fish too) that attends to its young by feeding them, protecting, teaching sociability for band or herd dwelers, teaching hunting et al.

        Imprinting is nature’s answer to the immediate problem of the helpless new born. How can an infant recognise those who give succour and safety when they have no memories yet? Once recognition is established, then memories can be formed and imprinting has done its job.

        Konrad Lorenz was the behaviourist who first described it fully. He used a clutch of goose eggs, hatched them and became their parent. He isn’tvery favoured these days due to him being in the Nazi military. He is one of the grandpappy of behaviourism.

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