A chance to help educate about declawing

by ki**************@gm***.com
(California, United States)

Spike using his claws to grasp and manipulate his cat nip toy.

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Spike using his claws to grasp and manipulate his cat nip toy.

We are looking for film footage and photos of declawed cats for a documentary (we will not accept or condone any footage taken of cats declawed for the purpose of the request of this post).

For example, we need film of already declawed cats with limping or altered gaits, frozen joints, X-rays of bone fragments, bone infection or skeletal damage, paw issues, botched surgeries, atrophied or ulcerated paw pads, urinating outside the litter box, being aggressive, biters or excessively timid cats, previously declawed cats who were filmed waking up and recovering from declaw surgery, etc.

Please email ki**************@gm***.com for more info or to share your cat's story.

We are also looking for footage and photos of clawed cats where claws have saved the cat's life. We are also interested in cats using their claws to exercise on scratching posts or grasping, kneading, holding, hoisting, climbing, claw-hold stretching or defending themselves with their claws.

Please email ki**************@gm***.com more info and include your cat's story and what kind of footage and photos you have available.

ATTENTION RENTERS - please don't declaw your cats if you are being asked to by your landlord. There are better ways of dealing with this. If you are being asked to declaw your cat, or have already been required to declaw your cat in order to find a place to live, we want your story for a documentary on declawed animals. Please email ki**************@gm***.com with the kind of documentation or story that you have and are willing to share.

** We also need stories of declawed dogs, rabbits, ferrets, iguanas, guinea pigs, raccoons, etc. **

~^..^~!THANK YOU!~^..^~

A chance to help educate about declawing to Declawing cats

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