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A Cheap And Effective Flea Protocol For Cat Shelters — 5 Comments

  1. https://www.preventivevet.com/cats/safe-cat-flea-treatments-the-danger-of-pyrethrin-and-pyrethroid-toxicity

    My problem with this is while many shelter workers have extensive knowledge many guardians don’t know or understand the difference in flea treatments except for price. So someone in a big box store might pick up a dog flea treatment that could have potentially deadly ingredients for cats.
    Cats are a conundrum when it comes to medications.
    I also advise against buying any flea treatment in these discount dept stores going to a relaible pet store or your own DVM is always the best course of action.
    I understand and agree why many resuces use flea treaments labled for dogs I’m just concerned that many cat guardians might not have a good understanding that some of them are also toxic to their cat.

    • Yeah I always advise against it for cat owners since I do not want to be held liable for their actions or them buying the wrong product which was my exact line of thinking when I made this article for cat shelters and not the average individual. I did include a disclaimer but I will make it larger AND include it before the actual content since you highlight the very important point that people should be aware of right off the bat. Thank you for your input and for reading my articles! Shelters should be the only people attempting this method for sure.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very informative and thoroughly detailed advice for cost-effective flea treatment.

    I’ll be sharing it on various sites that I’m on and on my FB page, CatAdvocate.

    I look forward to reading your next article on POC, “Pool Shock is an Effective and Cheap Disinfectant for Animal Shelters”.

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