A Christmas miracle: one week after rescue senior cat finds forever home

A lot has happened to Zeb this past week. This senior beauty has gone from the shelter to foster care with Sarah Trainor to a forever home with a lady named Beth Flor and her children. This story on PoC on December 17 told of Zeb’s rescue by City of Elderly Love (COEL): Save A Senior Pet.

Zeb Rehomed
Zeb Rehomed. Collage by Elisa
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COEL described Zeb as…

“Old-as-dirt, missing an eye, only has 4 teeth, and is FIV+? He’s perfect!”

Sarah, who works for a veterinary clinic, had the pleasure of caring for Zeb until the perfect family could be found. On Saturday, she met with Beth and her children, and it was clear that Zeb would be well cared for by his new family.

COEL and Sarah met Zeb’s new mom through their work with The Spayed Club. A 501c3 organization located in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania that operates a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art spay/neuter facility. Sharon, COEL and Beth all share the organizations mutual love of old animals. Hoping to find a super snuggly cat who the girls, Penny and Margot could cuddle and play with, as well as get along with their resident FIV+ cat, Zeb caught the Flor family’s eye immediately and the rest is, as they say, history! Zeb also now has a senior beagle sister.

Zeb has already shown his love of dogs while he was staying with Sarah, who was heartbroken to give the old guy over to a family of his own. Each foster Sarah has takes considerate effort to let go of, once that animal is ready to move on to a family of their own.

The rescue community around the world has become “Zebsessed,” and in hopes Zeb will soon get his own Facebook page, just to keep his followers up to date on his antics. He’s such a special cat, we all want to follow him as he adjusts to the life he deserves.

I, too, hope Beth will start a Facebook page up for Zeb. I’ve gone so far as to offer support, should Zeb have any vet visits that the family needs help with. A celebrity cat does have its benefits, and one benefit is the ease of raising medical funds. Since Zeb is a senior kitty, he will likely need more visits to keep check on him so he stays healthy. May as well use his fame to his advantage, should the need ever arise.

Anyway, I thought this the perfect Christmas story for the PoC readers. It’s sad that not every cat will be in a loving home for Christmas. Thanks to people like Sarah and Beth, and organizations like City of Elderly Love and The Spayed Club, we are learning that just because a cat is getting older (Zeb is at least 12) doesn’t mean a cat doesn’t deserve a home for however many years that cat has left. With care, Zeb could possibly live another decade.

Remember to spay, neuter, foster and adopt from shelters, so more cats like Zeb can be saved. Take a chance and adopt a senior, or adopt an FIV+ cat. These are most likely to be killed in a shelter environment, due to lack of education by prospective adopters. Kittens are in demand, but older cats are so much more rewarding. They’re grateful. That’s one of the first characteristics that attracted me to Zeb. He was thankful for all of the love shown him, from the shelter until he arrived in his forever home.

Thank you everyone, for the happy ending. We see far too few of those these days in the cat community.

6 thoughts on “A Christmas miracle: one week after rescue senior cat finds forever home”

  1. A very pawsome story!! so happy for Zeb. . . God bless his family for giving him a wonderful home to spend the rest of his life. . . ♥♥♥

  2. They sound like the perfect family for Zeb. I’m sure he’ll be very much loved and treasured.

    It would be great if Zeb had his own FB page, because it could help raise awareness that senior cats do make great pets. Being older shouldn’t be a reason for people to overlook them.

    To my mind, no cat comes with a “best before” date.

  3. This is a really nice and uplifting story and it proves there are a lot of good-hearted souls in the cat rescue business.

    I think Zeb is great. He has oodles of character.


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