A Close Relationship Between Cat and Boy

Andreas Stucki and F1 Savannah Cat Magic the world tallest domestic cat
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Andreas Stucki and F1 Savannah cat MAGIC – the Guinness World Record tallest pet cat – photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

A close relationship between cat and boy – a large format video (scroll down please). This is a special relationship. This is because the cat is F1 Savannah cat MAGIC, the tallest pet cat (Guinness record) and probably the biggest. She now lives with Lee and Kim Draper of Bella Gattini and she was raised by Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs.

The boy is Andreas Stucki who was 6 at the time the video was made (Sept 2009). I made the video. I like the video material (filmed by Kathrin Stucki) because is shows a lot of harmony between human and cat. Magic is almost as big as Andreas but he is very relaxed around Magic. Of course Magic is exceptionally well socialised but a big cat nonetheless.

The picture on the right is a still from another video: F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC.

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Here are two more links on the savannah cat generally and this spectacular cat in particular:

  • The Savannah Cat Shoppe – the high street interface between Savannah cats, Lee and Kim Draper of Bella Gattini Cattery and the public. MAGIC is now owned by Bella Gattini Cattery (link temporary removed as broken).
  • Savannah cat – learn about this awesome cat breed and see more of MAGIC plus lots of fine still pictures by the great Helmi Flick, the world’s best cat photographer.

I would hope that this video shows how beautiful the relationship between people and the domestic cat can and should be. There is no fear here. Some people are fearful of cats. It is one reason why cats are abused. Abuse of the cat born out of fear is something humankind should be ashamed of. I hope that this video helps a bit to bring cat and human together in homes where it isn’t in place before; to help create some harmony.

My great thanks again to Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs who bred this awesome cat. And my thanks also to Kathrin Stucki for entrusting me with the video material to allow me to make A Close Relationship Between Cat and Boy. This video is a team effort of course.

A Close Relationship Between Cat and Boy to Savannah Cat.

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