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A cure for FIP: antiviral agents GS-441524 and GC376? — 6 Comments

  1. My family lost two cats to FIP in the 1980’s. I would’ve thought cures and preventions would’ve been developed and available and inexpensive well before now.

  2. I have a friend who adopted an abandoned kitten and it is now 14 weeks. There was evidence of a swollen belly at about 4 weeks but it was attributed to feeding cat milk and wet kitten food simultaneously. Subsequent to a second treatment for worms at about 8 weeks, the swelling was somewhat worse but the doctor seemed to think the kitten was just a bit chubby. Since that date, the kitten has lost 1 lb from the five at the last vet visit and is now 4 lbs and is just being tested for FIP. Apart from any drug trials and advocacy, which disturbs me as my father had been a proponent of laetrile, does anyone have a sense of whether at this stage and age there might be the possibility of positive results: I guess I mean is it too late?

  3. I am glad that progress has been made. I had a ten-month old kitten, Nylan, succumb to FIP back in August. In July, he was fine, but went downhill fast in August, and there was nothing that we could do.

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