A Declawed Cat CAN’T Do This!

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A declawed cat can't do this. At least I don't believe one can. I was fortunate to capture this video of our first and queen cat Lola opening a new bag of cat food for our rather large cat family.

Lola is the smartest cat we have. Actually, she's my daughter's cat more than she is mine. And she's done everything from being a stepmother to Furby to becoming an excellent mouser and now this.

Lola does this immediately to every new bag of cat food I bring in. It doesn't matter where I lay the bag. If it's within reach she feels it should be open and available for the Furby's Halfway House residents.

Today was the first time it occurred to me to film her doing this. This is something a cat without claws can't do. Here's her video.

I love to watch Lola using her claws to get into the bag of food. It doesn't take long for her to go through both layers of the bag. See how intense she is on her mission here.

It's nice to know if I ever forgot to leave food out, Lola would take care of our little indoor cat colony.

I tried to get her attention to look up and smile for the camera. Apparently, the sandwich I was holding wasn't worth turning her attention away from her task as house-mother.

I hope everyone enjoys this video of Lola using her claws for the good of her cat friends. I'm sure they all appreciate her resourcefulness.

People, don't declaw your cats. Because one day they may want to use their claws to open their own bag of food. Don't take that pleasure away from them.

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