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A defective door bolt cost the life of a zoo keeper and total costs of around £400,000 for the private zoo — 4 Comments

    So, there is a price levied for this beautiful, young woman’s life?
    And, the tiger died. Who are those people kidding? They killed the tiger, ofcourse.
    I can hardly stand that animals pay the price for human ignorance and selfishness.
    In my younger years, we would have released the animals and burned down those places, the same that we did with labs. The statute of limitations has expired. Someday, I’ll write about it all.
    Maybe, a book.

    • I understand your dislike of zoos. I also stand by my assertion that until man stops killing everything that moves for body parts or high priced novelty bush meat the need for well run biological parks are a necessity. That or accept many animals will disappear forever.
      Most herbivores do well in captivity and I’m fine with it as long as their social structure is respected. We also know now how highly developed some land mammals are and why they should not be used a entertainment.
      The majority of humans that can make a difference will never see most of the worlds animals in their natural habitat. Zoos should focus on species preservation and human education.
      Zoo’s like the one in the article need to be shut down. Having people pay to feed the big cats devalues them to entertainment value. I don’t know what her level of training was. Or the condition of the bolt that broke. Or what caused a captive raised animal to suddenly show that level of aggression. Especially in a ‘ zoo ‘ where there was close contact with paying guests sticking meat on a stick through the bars. Of course that might be the problem right there.
      I look forward to your stories Dee.

      • Thanks, ME.
        My stories are filled with sadness.
        What I saw were animals in pain, some blinded by experimental drugs, some rendered paralyzed.
        I only want to live long enough to tell it all.

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