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A domestic cat’s mirror image moves but does not smell and makes no sound — 2 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh Kitten preened herself while looking in the mirror. She also used it to watch the room behind her. She would study something then turn around and look at it. Frog is now doing this. On her first night here Mercy attacked her reflection in the window and the other two couldn’t care less.
    It’s been my opinion for many many years that some animals within any species can become self aware. Both Kitten and now Frog are aware the mirror does something. Kitten would study herself move around and then groom what she considered a problem area. Frog looks in the mirror then turns around and looks behind her then looks in the mirror again. That is not self aware but she’s definitely aware the mirror does something. Both Frog and Toad were presented to a wide range of problem solving skills from 4 weeks on. Both responded with equal intelligence but Frog was and remains more willing to interact while Toad is more reserved. Frog is also fairly skilled on tablet games aimed at cats. The other three will play but often flip the tablet over looking for the digital prey. Frog never does and seems to realize she can manipulate the images with her paws. I have seen many videos online where it’s obvious the cats know what is on the tablet is a game or play. My cats do not have human intelligence but they have cat intelligence which is special and unique and varied. Self awareness to a cat probably looks much different than self awareness in a developing baby. There really should be a book called Your Cat’s First Year. All creatures have their daily needs. For cats it’s hunt, kill, eat , sleep but those are the base needs what happens if you step beyond the obvious and offer more. To truly understand cats and their level of comprehension and self awareness scientists should be observing true feral cats who have a highly developed social order.

  2. It is also strange that not all cats recognize or respond to their mirror image. My kitty Nikki never reacted to the mirror at all that I can remember.🤔

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