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A Dozen Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat — 3 Comments

  1. Its really sad, how People use all these reasons. I would get a Moggie or Mixed Breed anyday of the week. I refuse to buy a Pedigree, haven’t got that sort of money anyway. I love the look of that cute cat at the top reminds me of how Jasmine is going to be. I know Pedigree’s are beautiful, but its better to but that money towards shelter cats.e.g Smokey is almost 7 and to think I would just get rid of him, just cause cause a certain place can’t have him. If it was me, I would fight or Find somewhere i could go so my Cats are with me. I attend to have most of my cats till they can go on no-longer. Hopefully will be able to stay here as not many people seem interested in this house.

  2. Yes a dozen very good reasons Michael.
    Poor Kitty Mimi! 9 years old and homeless!
    Why on earth couldn’t her family move to somewhere pets are allowed, it makes me so mad when people dump their cats in Shelters on that excuse.

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