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A Dozen Things You Do That Your Cat Hates — 4 Comments

  1. A very good list. Thank you for putting it together. I might print it out to hand to visitors who ignore requests to respect pur cats. It is a good reminder to us too.

    2 cats here, 5 litter boxes and big sandbox in the enclosed garden.

    5 big bowls of water, cats have such a low thirst drive that in times of stress they are less likely to drink enough. One bowl in every room practicable will see your cats drink more often. Also, less competition in multi-cat households. We don’t feed our two next to water bowls, they prefer to eat away from them.

    All pills are immediately followed by 1ml of water syringed into the feline mouth, not aimed at the back which can make them gag, but syringed to the side. We don’t like dry swallowing pills, nor do cats. One ml of water is about the size of one cat swallow and it helps the pill go down, more kindly.

    Come to our gaff and if you don’t listen to our instructions regarding Jet, you will feel his half inch canines sinking to the hilt into your flesh. We will console & soothe Jet, not you, as you bleed & whine. If you don’t respect our cats, we won’t respect you.


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