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A Feline Friendly Veterinary Practice Can Ease Anxiety For cat And Guardian — 8 Comments

  1. I went to work for a feline only practice after ummmm many years at a mixed practice. My dogs continued to go to the practice for which I worked, but my cats went to my new job. What a difference!!!!!!! My boss believes in treating cats as cats and caters to each personality. Cats will still be stressed, but since they only have cat smells to contend with, they are much better behaved. If mixed practices could designate one exam room for cats, that may help a little,or maybe a home visit, if that would be possible.

  2. After so many calamities with cats over the years, I am resigned to a feline only vet practice. The entire atmosphere is so different from entry into a waiting room full of dogs. There’s a calm feeling in a “cat only” practice. Most everything is different, starting with the way my cats are handled. There’s a gentleness and expertise that I’ve never experience in any multi-pet clinic.
    And, declawing is a dirty word there – a “wash your mouth out with soap” inquiry.
    Thanks for this article, Jo.

  3. If I was able, I would only patronize feline-only practices. As it is, our vet treats all small animals and has only one, very small, waiting room. As I don’t like being around dogs myself, I get very stressed in there, probably more so than my beloved cats! but our vet is kind, gentle, and more affordable than most in this L.A. Metro, avaricious city.

  4. I totally know this to be true* My favorite Veterinarian retired, and after he left I found another. I am civil to the new vet.; but he is clearly not gentle in his attitude or handling of my feline family members. So Sad, and for this reason I do not make an apt. unless I have to __.Eva

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